Our homeland after loan reclaims ruble

Why about this decision, which was postponed several times, it was announced specifically at the moment? As needed at the moment and that means Minsk Moscow will seek to return?

These questions are answered by the chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina.

"This issue credit for the first time was delivered at the end of last year, during a visit to Belarus, Vladimir Putin.
Since that time it has not been delayed once, and that’s exactly at the moment, for a few days before the meeting between Putin and Medvedev November 3, announced the loan … "


Kalinkina"I think it’s really not the case. Situation, despite the different official statements, rapidly worsening. Now it became clear that there were problems with the export to Russia — for example, requests from KamAZ" Belshina "lower prices for the products supplied on 20 percent. longer hides spetsy many plants that they had difficulties with the calculations on contracts for goods shipped to Russia products. To at least somehow alleviate this issue, announced the loan. "

Tsigankov"According to official data, in Belarus is quite huge gold supplies, budget This year has a surplus. What if the country needs loans? "

"After all, the Belarusian economy, banking and financial system run on borrowed money that is taken in the West or in Russia. Russian loan most profitable for us — at least, was previously — in fact issued by the most profitable rates for 15 years at low interest rates. practically it’s just financial assistance, and because it is the true salvation for Belarus. While you need to make a slip of the tongue here, that we do not yet know the new loan criteria — economic and political. "


Tsigankov"What about the political events — will be recalled that in recent weeks Minsk made some demonstrative steps towards Moscow. This word on the likely development of a joint missile defense system, and is the word about the dangers of NATO Lukashenko at a meeting of the Security Council, and the message about the readiness of the Constitutional Act . do not look a credit decision as a step towards Minsk, if both sides are willing to show that they currently "honeymoon" in a relationship? "

Kalinkina"That’s right, but I wanted to add one very important point. This debate about the introduction of Russian ruble — at least in mutual inter with 2 countries, and as a maximum — as the only means of payment. I think this issue from the agenda a day or not photographed, and it is a live. I think right for a loan Our homeland will seek the introduction of the ruble. "





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