Our homeland invites into the trap …

Commenting on this decision economist Leonid Zlotnikov noted that taking into account the previous loans and interest thereon, Belarus has a very great need for cash.

"Our demand for currency during the year is about 16 billion dollars. This loan of 2 billion closes this need only a couple of months. From the standpoint of the political, that it binds us to the Russian currency, it is not fundamentally what currency will: Russian or Belarusian. But what is lost sovereignty over part of the conduct of monetary policy, with viewpoint businesses and people who are not such a big loss. For sovereignty must pay. If the government itself can not exist where there might be only through the support of other countries, such it and sovereignty. Sovereignty, sovereignty, how to pay for that, and we can not. "
According to the control center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk, was of course Our homeland that give credit to the official Minsk. He noted that the Belarusian Management does nothing to reduce dependence on Russia:

"Our homeland and actually invites the trap of debts and just such deficiencies. A Belarusian side had something to do, To make an independent not only politics, and economy. And does nothing. Because Our homeland offers and the Belarusian party agrees. And there is reason to believe that if the lack of trade and balance of payments is already at 10% of gross domestic product, Belarus will be facing a very tough choice. Or take the Russian ruble, which is also not measured, a good currency. Or then bring a big shock to people and companies. "

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