Over vandals must be open crowded Tribunal

This young man poured crosses
Teenagers suspected of deliberate damage to historical and cultural values. The law allows the court to keep them in custody. The detainees did not plead guilty. They say they walked past and crosses were not touched. Teen arrested Ales Macs and Oleg Sviridov
a few hours before the start of the funeral procession on Dzyady. Policemen assured that young people broke five crosses.

Belarus — vandal in Kurapaty, Minsk 02Nov2008
He was indignant at the behavior of parents adletkav who smiled and gave realize that kids just broke crosses, it is not a sin, but petty violation of the order.

"Apple from the tree falls nearby. At the age of 16 and 18 have not yet absolutely failed people. What will happen to these people more — God knows. "

That was an example for others, it is necessary to punish angrily
Council secretary of the CCP BPF Ales Cheholsky who organized patrols Kurapaty believes that the case should start public response:
"We wish to Dzyady, November 2, to make gift-tongued (in quotes, of course). Comes Say column, but here broken crosses and so on. But failed. That was an example for others, it is necessary to punish the good ".
Paul Seviarynets did not once been in chambers remand center, but for political activities in including and for the protection of Kurapaty in November 2002.

Paul Seviarynets
"Kurapaty cross for us, this coordinate system and in history and morality. Because this case raises a number of questions. Certainly, young people have become victims of the situation that exists. For their cross is not something holy. Memory of victims of Stalinist repression does not eat something untouchable. And it’s completely on the conscience of the current regime.
Is it necessary to punish angrily these people? I am convinced that first needs an open crowded tribunal. "

Th December 2005. Maya Klyashtornaya about icons Moms God Kurapaty to which was affixed a swastika vandals Tags:, kurapaty

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