P. Sevyarynets: The United States in turn support democracy in Belarus

"This is due to the tough stance of the American side, which in turn support democracy in Belarus, opposes violations Human Rights Belarus — says Seviarynets. — And the obstinacy of the Belarusian regime, who is not willing to negotiate. We know that 6 released political prisoners, but are still behind bars several, including Alexander Kozulin. Was necessary wait for such results. United States — a country that is fundamentally policy: if not complied with the agreement, the sanctions are imposed.
Excellent is either poorly for Belarusian economy? Certainly, it would be better to go without sanctions. We are for the fact that the economic sanctions that could affect the welfare of the Belarusian people not used. But when we were not so long ago in the United States, a voice from the sovereign Bush sovereign Kramer, at the State Department, we have always stated: this solution takes only South American side. Ani Belarusian opposition, anihto still has not to this case.
Deterioration of relations will be, but maybe it will lead to any breakthrough in the negotiation process. "

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