Lady: "Wonderful! Well, how cool? Plant began, it’s bad. But people do not faileth all the same. Everyone on the car, and even two. Realize the meaning of what? "
Reporter: "No. I do not understand fully. And what is the secret?"
Lady: "In all served earnings. Many went to Russia. Wage remains. Well, what is this? Only ladies were."
Reporter: "And what does that mean? Family …"
Lady: "Waiting. As of the army."
Since the settlement of 1959 has title Guerrilla, its inhabitants are referred to as the underground and partisan. Spouse — on Russian labor front. Neuzh most of the local ladies enjoys marital status such as this young partisan? I calmed teacher at school that came to talk at recess.
Lady: "Excuse me, please. Spouse in Russia — it’s nice? When three kids at home and the mother with them, eh? A husband goes on a rotational method for two or three weeks there. Arrives home to some eight days displayed. A Home Ladybug, economy.’s nice is that? Nothing pleasant I do not see. "
Lady: "At the moment the young leaves. Showered us. Nowhere us no fussing. Abandoned, party abyazhzhayuts us."
Reporter: "A lot of men go to Russia?"
Lady: "Whatever the family, the man in Russia. Wherever you can rush, rush and people there. Who else can."
But not all the Russian move. After Guerrilla stands surrounded by forest. And parastatal sawmill work absolutely. Peter Kudryashov, last steklovary, works on one of them. Once at the plant in Russian while he received 280 rubles. But Peter did not miss on wages. He is sad for his beloved profession.

Reporter: "Do you regret? You miss the plant, according to the work?"
Peter: "Of course. So much work. This is work that retreat from it will not deviate. Steklovary should be every minute. All done — Liquor bottles, crisp white glass cognac bottle of champagne. "
Reporter: "And what they have is not needed?"
Peter: "It turned out, yes."

Victor: "Drink. Plenty of drink. 20 years I was married, did not drink as much as here. A huge thing, I lived in Hamburg, Germany, where most. There lies with outstretched hand on the sidewalk. Distribute pfeningav. He stood , went back and bought the beer is. "
Reporter: "A long were you there?"
Victor: "Two years. With family there was . "
Not long ago, Victor was the capital entrepreneur. Had its share on one of the parking lots, shopping pavilions had several markets. But all ruined his zhanalyubstva. All leaving injured wife, Victor returned home parents. Became underground.
Victor: "bottlenecking. Courts-gossip, I do not have time to pay fines. Court costs, attorney. Leaving her car, garage, summerhouse. Bedroom apartment remained there."
Reporter: "What is the fate."
Victor: "Marne".
Reporter: "You’re still not old people. Healthy. And still be correct. "
Victor: "correct. To the girls walk like walking. Thumps Here, men, no women do not fuck. I say that I’m here — hired in the village came? For all I need to take the rap? Well, we — I think rabbits breed .. . "
In 1911 in the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Yanka Kupala under the pseudonym" nyagutnik "wrote here follow:
"Not so long ago I had to visit the local factory" Zalesye ", which is called … more Ilskay Earnings Gutnick more or less these are: the master takes the piece and expels rubles per month. 35-50 — which as assistants masters take a dip 50 -80 cop. Formavshchyki (that pushes form) earn 15-20 kopecks. a day … As we see, more earn master, but if you take into account how much this work lacks the spirit of the age … and shorten that payment completely small. And when it could would somehow live … that the administration would have been a little bit and akuratneyshay directed attention people that work for its usefulness … Works in a factory more than 300 people. "

Reporter: "Sergei I., heart aches for you at the factory?"
Sergei: "Grew up here. Why does not hurt. 50 one year worked."
Reporter: "And what did the Poles at the plant?"
Sergei: "half liter bottles do, apothecary bottles. All the same hand. Bottles folded so cone. Dyubachku did reverent. Ink-pot. Enormously long rod basked in the oven — and in the inside."
Reporter: "Workers Huta richly lived?"
Sergei: "During the reign of large loaf cost a penny. Who did, of course, a lot. And when Poland still as much. Suit what great byli.A that the village of the land? Velyasypeda men could not buy. Gutnick And in my memory , came … "Neman" was great, Grodno factory. Spokes were strong, not like at the moment. "
A small detail from an old steklovary about 1939.
Sergei: "Asvabadili seventeenth of September and immediately with the NKVD put people to watched as smoke comes out of the pipe."

Hope: "This repair plant I crawled all documentation. This repair released three billion third only remained. And the third went to the German equipment. A night at the moment it comes true for scrap. Those that were guilty of all those ducked swiftly. find work in Minsk, Minsk, then wherever you want. People are afraid, and I have nothing to lose. daughter and granddaughter of the kulaks. sit twelve dependents at this plant. Prepared wages. What are they doing? Twelve people. Director, storekeeper, four guards, cleaners, driver, accountant. "

Hope: "There’s banks, which have been worthless. And now our zapivohi collect them and are in the shops."

Reporter: "And here, these are made of wood pallets."
Hope: "Wood pallets. 20 one person seven workers and managers. Can you imagine? "
Reporter: "Twenty-one people?"

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