Paul Mazhejka: learn from the experience and heritage of the BNR

Reporter: "What do you mean the Belarusian People’s Republic, and like you marked the anniversary of its creation?"
Mazhejka: "For me now it is celebrating the anniversary of the BNR — striking example, a demonstration that the Belarusians nothing unreal. Whatever the political situation, the international situation and the attitude to Belarus adjacent states when favorites civilizations have the political will aim to create a European-independent Belarus state, then this can be achieved. "
Reporter: "As for you appears: how was be celebrated on March 25, that it was a municipal prazdnichkom? "
Mazhejka: "I am an adherent of that anniversary BNR should be celebrated not only in Minsk, and Grodno, and in all the other towns. There is a big problem: Now because of ideological slander inheritance BNR for a large number of people these three words — the Belarusian People’s Republic is empty sound. can live with it and continue to celebrate in a narrow circle, in their own environment. But in my opinion, the anniversary of the BPR should be an occasion for cultural events, historical, for publishing initiatives. In my opinion, the story of a day or each BPR must show evidence of being In order for us tremendous value creation of the first self-contained Belarusian country in the new history. "
Reporter: "You campaigned to these BNR anniversary, namely, cards issued under the title" Grodno — the second capital of the Belarusian People’s Republic. "What does it mean to you that the buildings you walk past which were once government BNR institutions commandant, Belarusian regiment? "
Mazhejka: "This is a very important historical fact that has been in Grodno time Belarusian capital-independent country. We tried to retreat from the romantic gaze, because time has passed, and look at it pragmatically event. We are trying through such things — postcards, publications, lectures, just to show the pros and cons of the situation appeared when BNR. We strive to learn yourself on that experience, heritage, that we left the BNR and the person who created it, and promoted it in the world. "

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