Paulichenka assigned to the equivalent position

Former commander of the separate brigade of the Interior troops Dmitry Pavlichenko, who is suspected of involvement in the disappearances of opposition figures, appointed at the newest post.
Order on a brand new mission Dmitry Pavlichenko signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov, which, incidentally, is also suspected of involvement in the public political disappearances. Paulichenka will serve as deputy commander of the corps of public policy Interior Ministry troops. Press secretary of the Interior Troops Sergei Kabakovich said "Freedom" on new responsibilities Colonel:
"The very title of the post — deputy commander of the corps of public policy for combat training — already defines its duties."
Eight years until October Dmitry Paulichenka commanded a separate brigade of Interior Ministry troops. It existed Tipo "death squad", who is credited with killing Minsk Branch Manager RNE Gleb Samoilov, kidnapping and murder of opposition Yuri Zakharenko and Gonchar, Trader Anatol Krasowski, journalist Dmitry Zavadsky in 1999-2000.
Olga Zavadskaja, Mom missing ORT cameraman, says that a month back, when found out about the resignation Paulichenka not given the belief that it "really fired":
"It’s dedicated people who at the first order of a certain person can perform

This dedicated people that the first order of a certain person can perform at least some of his order.

though what his orders. Because they put on those positions where they will defend him to defend himself, this municipal system. "
In late 2000, Dmitry Pavlichenko was arrested by order of the Chairman of the KGB Matskevich as a person suspected of involvement in the disappearance of the opposition. Behind bars, he spent a few hours and was released, according to information on the personal orders Alexander Lukashenko. After his release publicly stated that "ready to perform at least some orders to the president."
Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak today sees the return of Dmitry Pavlichenko definite sign:
"In my opinion, this shows that the government is obliged to slightly tinker with his face. Paulichenka we have often beheld headed his own brigade in the streets during the fighting with the demonstrators. Makarom So, he was in a certain sense, a public figure, and this position it was removed. But of course, that the system shifts in the country did not work, and such people as before needed. Authority revealed that she does not throw his own, and so he went even formally to increase. "
The press service of the Interior Troops did not immediately respond to the question, does the newcomer post Paulichenka increase in the service. A few minutes later they called and told that "this is tantamount purpose."

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