Pavel Kuryanovich arrested for 15 days

Participants of the rally sought freedom in Tibet. Paul associates believe that the harsh sentence — besides preventive step in order to isolate the activist recently mass street protest on March 25.
Paul’s friends Kuryanovich several hours waiting in the court of Russian district of Minsk, yet it will bring. According to police reports, on March 17 in the structure of the Chinese embassy Paul with a woman holding a banner with the inscription in English: "Freedom for Tibet."
He held to the same white-red-white flag. The first report was written, it was the flag of the BPF, and in the 2nd — BNR.

In the courtroom, Paul said, "Freedom":
"I am against the killing of peaceful inhabitants, who are fighting for independence own country. We all know about the disappearance of recognizable politicians. And here, though not the favorites, but there were even more. I just expressed solidarity with people who, like me, are fighting for the independence of their country. " Paul associates believe his arrest to the same preventive measure on the eve of days Will. VoiceMaxim Vinyarski
"Completely may be that such a harsh sentence have insurance before the 25th, that he did not get to our national prazdnichek who will celebrate on the streets of our town." Alexander Chernyshev
"I understand that this preventive arrest the other day celebration Will a day or. Of course, it’s scary. "
Pavel Kuryanovich not the first time will serve his arrest in the bullpen Akrestsin Street. Recently the "European March" was arrested for 10 days for putting up stickers. For his role in the promotion of solidarity, Paul spent 20 days.

In the bullpen Akrestsin Street is another activist youth democratic movement — Dmitry Kaspiarovich, which yesterday was arrested for 12 days. Tags:, picket embassy Kurianovich, Chinese, Tibet

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