People do not they say the truth about the threat of crisis

Affect whether the global monetary crisis chemical and oil industry of Belarus? Favorit-independent Belarusian trade union of miners, chemists and oil Vasily Korobov states that management of companies in these industries is hiding the truth about the pre-crisis situation.
Chairman of the Belarusian-independent trade union of miners, chemists and Petroleum Vasily Korobov held a press conference at which he warned of the consequences of heavy global financial crisis for companies whose employees belong to the union. It was about such large enterprises as Grodno "Nitrogen", Bon "Naftan", Soligorsk potash plant belongs to the concern "Belneftekhim" and other factories.
"Infy received enterprises strongly enough. Looking state television, reading newspapers municipal, you can get an idea that the current crisis does not concern us at all and not be affected. But it’s not true. Already decreased the price of some products of our factories working for export. More appears to lending, financing of social programs, and most importantly — the crisis will knock on the modernization of our plants because there are problems with investments. "
How to prepare for the crisis ordinary workers? Whether they are ready to defend their rights, as do workers in Europe?
Vasily Korobov recalled that in the summer on some large enterprises operating earnings rose. It overlooked the Mozyr refinery, "Belshina", "Belaruskali". Currently, according to Korobov, preparing to increase earnings Grodno "Ashdod". But for most workers, this increase was not significant, because the prices for this time increased substantially more. Here that reads Vasily Korobov readiness of workers to fight for an increase in wages:
"People are frightened by the fact that even this will lose. So, the low level of wages. But other work simply no! And those official trade unions, which are enterprises, do not help in this fight."
According to the favorite-independent trade union activity workers constrains the contract system. For his role in the protests or in societies-independent trade union administration threatened termination of contracts, and it works. At some enterprises over the past couple of years the number of members-independent unions declined three times.
Trade union favorite and said about the actions that are carried out against him personally. By Basil Korobov, Belarusian Federation of Trade Unions, which manages Leonid Kozik, Tipo disseminated false information against him. October saw a lawsuit activist tribunal Grodno, but it did not satisfy. Now Vasily Korobov going to lodge a complaint with the Grodno Regional Tribunal.

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