Persecution during the liberation

Deductions from studies began, not only in Minsk Institute. At the time when Artur Finkevich vorachivalsya home in Minsk Mogilev, the search began in internatskim rooms in Polotsk activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Catherine Solovevoj. A Molodechno activist Gennady Farino summoned for questioning.
Evening until Artur Finkevich went from Mogilev to Minsk, in room internatskim Catherine Solovevoj Polotsk search began. Catherine case caught employees of the KGB. She came to pick up their things because it has previously been expelled from the Institute of Polotsk.
"It is curious that they did not even they say why. What they say they are … Nothing. Came revise certain things … Well confiscated."
Alexander Golovach, teacher Minsk school number 207, that in the neighborhood robin, fired from his job because of his political affiliation. Alexander comes to the youth wing of the United civilian party. He told that he was summoned to the principal of the school for yourself Catherine Savchuk:
"The headmaster said subsequent: since I’m a member of the Joint civilian party, then I have no right to work in the school, as my ideological direction of spreading the ideological direction of the country. I read that under the Constitution I I have the right work comes in all registered parties. She said it to me that she did not need prepyadstviya. Claimed, so I applied for voluntary redundancy. "
Alexander Holovatch indignant attitude to discover the school administration. He remembered that he was trained for 11 years at this school. His good relationship with pupils and teachers. Alexander was engaged in school work to strip BRYU. Under his management, the students took first place in the competition against AIDS in their own area and the third place in the town. The competition BRYU teacher has prepared a student who has overcome in the "Democrat leader." At school, Alexander arranged as a series of concerts like "American Idol."
Director Catherine Savchuk, which also member of the House Representatives if Alexander left the session, read him that no application is needed. At the moment, she said, the young teacher that in case of failure to submit a letter of resignation on his own desire she dismiss his article for truancy.
Meanwhile during the last week of school dismissal with students who were serving in the winter session of arrests for his opposition activities. So, now the minor student expelled from Fyodor Cherenkov Mozyrskogo Municipal Pedagogical Institute. Fedor detained in police Last year November 16 and This year January 8. Tomorrow he and Pope will go to the executive committee at a meeting of the administrative committee, which will consider the case for distributing leaflets.
Father Fyodor Cherenkov Yuri has not optimistic about the prospects for education in Belarus:
"No official paper, but everyone knows that he should not pass session. We learned of this through their own informal methods of acquaintances. Prospects no training. If he do to learn somewhere, then again, his case will come up, or even what-is nibudt . eating it … I can only work in the army and later taken away. "
Molodechno activist Gennady Farino caused by so referred conversation in the KGB. The investigator said that this is not an interrogation, but simply "answers to some questions."

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