Pit: 65 years after the accident

65 years ago fascist invaders killed Minsk ghetto and killed 10s of thousands of Jews. Many of them were buried next to Jubilee Square, on the site, which is currently understood as a memorial complex "The Pit." At a ceremony attended by officials, diplomats, leaders of Jewish organizations, former prisoners of the ghetto inhabitants and the capital.
Ceremony began with the official speech Alexander Lukashenko. After Minutka silence and prayer people mourning procession marched to the monument to the victims of the ghetto, to lay flowers. Among them were all diplomats accredited in Belarus embassies, heads of international and Belarusian Jewish organizations, and former residents of Minsk ghetto prisoners who came from other states.
Salting of Israel to Belarus Zeev Ben-Arie Freedom in an interview said:
"Generation is out completely. Even the families of the children out. Remain grandchildren, and they have nothing we say, we already owe them something to talk about. The Jewish community in Belarus and we do everything likely to honor the memory of victims of the catastrophe. "
Ghetto prisoners recalled the terrible moments of the catastrophe. Bertha Schneerson was 11-year-old girls, when it came to the ghetto. Her mother worked in the NKVD, when the war began. During the bombing in 1941, lost the girl, with her mother and grandmother found her only after the liberation of Minsk.
Bertha complained that neighbors once allowed her the address anti-Semitic expressions:
"I’m a radical from Minsk. Where could I be? Exclusively in Minsk. Before the war, I managed to finish three classes.’s Mother, grandmother, father and me. I was alone. Dad died at the front early in the war …
His mother worked in the NKVD and me did not return. Her "organized" evakuavali from Minsk. When bombarded Minsk, grandmother closed the door. She later tied things in a knot and said that I should papilnavala.
People ran towards Logoysky path. I threw things grandmother left and went behind them. So I’m lost. I have found only after the war. Mother lost consciousness as she saw me … "
To "He" came the influential chairman of the Jewish organizations. Among them Avigdor Lieberman, Chairman of the "Israel Our Home", a member of the Israeli parliament.
"Certainly, no matter what the memory associated with the disaster, especially now, very principled. Matter what ceremony, at least some respect for the memory of this helps to prevent post-disaster.
Unfortunately, the trend in the modern world — more and give more into oblivion catastrophe euro Jewry. Because we try to participate in all activities. "
Several saints attended the memorial. Valentine Vyhota rescued Jewish girlfriend:
"We were led fathers employee Fanu and said that the lady need to hide. Devchenke was 13 years old. They have held more than a year. Later went to the partisans. At one point, she came with proper connected, and come to us "Streif" German. Asks: "Who is that?" In German I answer them that it was my cousins. And they are gone … But before that, I read them (read German). "Wait a little, and you can rest" .. . They almost wept. They became uncomfortable … War circle, and here is a great Goethe in German. "
Salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson said "Freedom":
"Fundamentally pochetat memory. For me it’s a private place. I live near here on the territory of the former ghetto. I am near every day."
Events dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the defeat of the Minsk ghetto, will continue a day or three. This conference, exhibition, opening memorial memorable characters in place of mass executions of Jews during the second world war. Tags: Jewish natsmenshastsi ghetto

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