Poet and fisherman who shot himself on the bank of the Neman

In the village Gudevichi created a special committee headed by Ales Belokozy. The poet had a tragic fate, he committed suicide 75 years ago — June 27, 1933.
Public activist Ales Zarembyuk of Bridges — one of those who decided to honor the memory of the poet-countryman. He knows:

His poems were more scattered in manuscripts, they are, in fact, is not collected until This time. Most of the lost, remained little

"In July of this year will be The Company now a festival in the village of Luni Mosty district. Scenario of this event and plan the meeting we develop recently and inform all concerned. The festival will invite guests from the whole country . "
Reporter: "It turns out that this is purely a public initiative in this spot — without the participation of the Union of Writers, which metropolitan organizations?"
Zarembyuk: "This is a local initiative in general people are fascinating creativity Misha Javor, who care about what is on our land, to Mosty region lived and worked creatively outstanding Belarusian Misha Javor. But this initiative is still open, we invite you to join all the caring people who Javor fascinating creativity or who wish to meet her. "
Alexander Zarembyuk states that there Lunne Misha Sycamore Street, the former Engels also a memorial stone dedicated to him. Through Lunar he always walked on the Neman on fishing, which was his main job.
Period of creativity Misha Javor was short, says Dr. Alex Pyatkevich from Grodno, film maker in the Belarusian poet encyclopedia.
Pyatkevich: "His poems were more scattered in manuscripts, they are, in fact, not been collected so far. Most of the lost, remained little. Ales Belokozy collected more or less blocked. In general, poetry, naturally shurpavatyya slightly, but their beats live, hot and experience not only the obvious public areas, and just universal — about loneliness, music, art, pain and joy. "
Dr. Pyatkevich states that Misha Javor was seriously ill with tuberculosis also had the ill-fated love. He committed suicide on the bank of the Neman, who sang in his poems. Self-taught poet was not yet 30 years old.
Reporter: "And he shot himself with a rifle, a shotgun?"
Pyatkevich "He pulled a gun somewhere, I do not remember the details of where he got the gun. Transported him through the Neman Grodno and brought in, I know, but could not do anything because he shot to his chest. "
Misha sycamore real name Karas, who was born November 8, 1903 in the village on the Neman Minevich far away from Luni. In the first World War I appeared with his parents in a refugee in Russia, where the family returned in 1921. Misha participated in the work of the Society and the Grand Slam. His poems were published in the "Belarusian newspaper" and "Way of Youth."

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