Police collects autographs activists. Without result

Policemen need to sign an undertaking not to engage in street protests to the days of Will.
Manages member of the Christian Conservative Party of the BPF Vladimir Shitikov:
"Yesterday, after 23 hours, when I was asleep, I woke her husband. Said that district came to me. I came out of the bedroom. Senior police lieutenant ensure that I gave a subscription that I will not participate in political actions. I drove it, advised to take the Constitution and at least hold it in your hands, read, there written.
This is not a good tradition that before the days of Will detain me — I swear Tipo, then typing 10000th Belarusian bills. In short, committing all possible provocations, put behind bars, not to perceived role in opposition rallies. "
Frequented by police and the regional coordinator for the apartment created Social Democratic Party Narodnaya Gromada Yuri Zakharenko:
"To me, too, came from the Russian police police department. Faces an administrative liability sought to sign an undertaking that I will not go on Freedom day. I believe that the police is trying to restrain such actions public discontent ruling regime. "
Two policemen came home in the evening and to the chairman of UCP branch Andrew Tolchin. Also sought to sign that he will not participate in unauthorized mass actions.
Sovereign states Tolchin:
"I it is very amazed, and I asked on what basis they do. Do not ask, for example, a neighbor. Answer the police it was not given. Then I asked: "Tell me, please, who gave such an order — it violates my constitutional right?." I replied, "It’s a mystery." But it’s also proof that we have carried out contrary to the law of political investigation. I do another outlook on the development of society. government looks after me, persecuted dissent "- said about the evening visits militia activists UCP member Andrew Tolchin. Tags: Gomel, police, activists, signatures

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