Police seized Announcements Sukharevo

Oleg told Gnyatulya:
"In this paper, a general, non-political, the necessary information for the residents of our neighborhood. Example, that will clean stalls with stops.
I ran from the 1st house to another. And if there are scattered mailboxes new edition of the newspaper, came out of the house and saw that there stands with the police patrol car. They immediately came up to me, put into a car and taken to the Frunze district police. "
The police detained the activist about 2-hours and drew up a report on the removal of about 380 copies of the newspaper "News Sukharevo" and 1st copy of a newspaper "Nasha Niva. "
Oleg Gnyatulya said:
"I did not break anything, but simply disseminating information. Any papers to the police, I did not sign."

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