Police working on performance, and not for people

Tsigankov: In Helsinki Committee comes a lot of people complaining of acts of law enforcement. Working with them, doing their neuvvyazkami, you probably will be able to make up their awareness of what the main prepyadstviya facing Belarusian judicial system ..
Hulak: "The main problem — what characteristics have overshadowed the needs of ordinary people. Police working to achieve certain characteristics in their work. During their employees receive awards, new positions — and replaced it with the real work neuvvyazkami.
And most importantly, making the police force unpopular among the population, making small rating militia. "
Tsigankov: "The meeting was led Lukashenko number that falls raskryvalnasts atrocities. How can this be explained and which can be solutions offer the main problems of law enforcement. What is needed change which adopt laws? "
Hulak: "Again, the same rate of detection — very conditional. It can rotate that or other side very artificial. Not on such aspects should be assessed activities of. Main thing that they were focused on protecting the interests of the people. To this must be restructured the police force and judicial system .
The situation is such that in the end the police officers are ready to do later court proceedings. All this in a complex system has huge flaws and does not work. Inefficiency, madness, a people neskiravanasts judiciary also drags and omissions in militia activities. "
Tsigankov: "After such harsh criticism of the address pravaahovnyh bodies from the head of the country in almost all countries of the Minister of the Interior submitted to resign. Belarus itself failed. Why?"
Hulak: "In our municipal activities in general there is no tradition itself resign. This is an exceptional step. Usually bulging top bureaucrat — in this case with a very negative evaluations of work.
It looks that the leaders of our law enforcement agencies are not so independent, not as individuals who absolutely responsible for their own piece of work and a moral responsibility to the people. I can not remember if the Belarusian bureaucrat said that he had not done something and resigned. We simply do not have such ".

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