Political denunciation during the uprising Kalinowski

Historian explained to the rebels hanged spouse Radkevich early July 1863. Sam Radkevych previously threatened to denounce the rebels. They came, certainly, to punish him, said Ales Smolenchuk but not find and destroy her husband. As a result, the village imposed a huge indemnity for the fact that the inhabitants helped the rebels.
Smolenchuk "I try to show himself again try to look thought out such an uprising in 1863, that has true human dimension. I wish to look at the episode uprising viewpoint ordinary people caught in the midst of actually this uprising, I mean the city of Novy Dvor ".
Reporter: "In the subject was also made about the political denunciation."
Smolenchuk "The story itself is linked to the fact that the peasant Osip Radkevych dweller New Court, wrote denunciations, and I was intrigued by the opportunity to look into the consciousness this man: What he does not perceive the rebellion Kalinowski, his ideology. By the way, most of the inhabitants of the New Court supported the rebels. "
Reporter: "And the latest update: New Garden — is what in which area he is now, because several of them, as you know?"
Smolenchuk "Novy Dvor Svislotch district, not far from the homeland Kalinowski, 20 km from Mostovlyany where he was born."
Reporter: "You have come to a lecture on the uprising Kalinowski. And as to the identity of the Constantine Kalinowski: now you can hear something about it, read it, see the television? "
Man: "Unfortunately, the government now, she does not wish to oppose the Russian Federation, and Kalinowski, he — Managing the national liberation movement and it does not match the current ideology of the country."
Young Man: "Rebels in 1863 were in a catastrophic situation. Many of them knew what to expect defeat the rebellion, as the situation for him, especially on the Belarusian land was unfavorable."
Reporter: "Some of those who attended the lecture, I had read that the current government is not willing to accept Kalinowski, he too unsafe for them."
Youth: "Indeed, the tragedy of figures Kalinowski felt now. Man selflessly adored own people, and currently use an old approach, declaring it a Pole, a man who, allegedly, could not tolerate farmers. Zadachka impartial historians — show all the contradictions, the tragedy this situation. Thanks to such figures as Kalinowski, because it specifically, one of the first addressed to the peasants on whiteRussian language, Belarusian movement all are still able in such extraordinarily difficult to develop criteria. And now there Belarus as a country, as a civilization due Kalinouski. "
In the photo: Doctor of Historical Sciences Ales Smolenchuk checks multimedia part of the lecture.

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