Politics and morality

Governor of New York, Eliot Spitser (Eliot Spitzer) resigned after revealing his contacts with muddled. As said, the New York Times and confirmed the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Spitser many times used the services of expensive prostitutes with Emperors Club VIP. Attention agents Fed sent suspicious nowhere Spitsera fixed costs. Later, listening to phone the governor, agents learned that Spitser wasting huge amounts of money on prostitutes, and that in the past month, under a different naming, he met in Washington, DC hotel with a lovely Kristen paying for her services over 4 thousand dollars.
In all U.S. states except Nevady, prostitution is illegal — and as a method of content, and as a method of disbursement. In practice, if any, and punished, it does not yet, and prostitutes and those involved in pimping.
But Spitser come under a different category, as the organization and payment of travel for the purpose of paid sex is a federal crime.
After revealing the truth Spitser not for himself, not refute, not read: "This is my money and my business." At a press conference on March 12 in the presence of the wife he resigned sheepishly apologized to the families and those living in New York, admitting that "behaved contrary to the promises made to the family, in spite of his own and the general awareness of good and evil. "
48-year-old Elliot Spitser officially an exemplary husband and father of three kids, not the first and probably not the last politician in the United States, which such makarom finished his brilliant political career. Not just complicated and messed but certainly finished. In his case, the greater scandal that 18 months back, being the Attorney General of New York, Spitser Praslin own uncompromising fight against corruption, economic fraud and Exchange … specifically prostitution. Because of this, he became governor of New York, was listed as "second Giuliani" was the hope of the Democrats, and even a possible candidate for the presidency. He kept hot in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton, but at the moment she is trying every possible way to get rid of him, because such support can only destroy it.
The United States is not an exception in the sense of large requirements for public entities. In a democratic world is the norm. Who takes the selection of the highest office, he must know that voters will look particularly closely at his words and deeds. He must have a thick skin to put up with criticism and even insults to own the address. In democratic countries, it is no secret and personal lives of politicians even more so their financial affairs.
The origins of ethics in politics rooted old Greek philosophy. Pythagorio believed that "the only legitimate authority are the mind and virtue." Also, according to Plato’s ruler must adhere serious moral standards. Exclusively in the XVI century, Nicolas Makiyaveli expressed his catch phrase "the end justifies the means." He believed that the policy does not necessarily be benevolent. It should be successful. Policy Makiyaveli considered an art form. Principal, what method appeared work, but fundamentally, that the final product was positive. Painters, like doctors, should not be decent people. The main thing that the work was indeed a work of art and therapy yielded the desired results. According to the views of the Italian thinker, Bishop can not even be controlled values such as compassion and gentleness, for he has no chance in competition with people who enjoy kavarnastsyu, selfishness and rage. By Makiyaveli politicians can lie, steal and even kill, unless it will help him in achieving the objectives of the common good. As Max Weber distinguished between "ethics of belief" from the "ethics of responsibility" and believes that the policy can not be effective if carefully kept their beliefs. Apparently, this theory is particularly close, and this went some way, though numerically small, today’s leaders, including and Belarusian.
In February 2006 TV air campaign during one of the presidential candidates in public, said: "I wish that you make, what we have a happy family. And not like some … in 12 years we first lady never have seen any television or on prazdnichkom nor at official receptions. Well not a mystery to many, nowshny head of the country lives with another lady and has a son from her — a gift for the 50th anniversary. Well, about the wife’s mother civilians — former Health Minister — gossip a lot, very many. Well, let God judge them. "
Strong, very strong words, and they have not caused society almost no resonance, as the way and the book "Nashestvie" with the subtitle "The strange story of a famous president." Yes, God — fair referee — was, as His adopted and believes reluctantly arbiter against the head of the country, but the creator of these words — Alexander Kozulin, not without the influence of these words, and may be just and — first with their background, to date sits in the bullpen. Who is common sense, if he was not suicidal, after such a lesson dare Kolupaev biography and personal life of the president, not to mention obscure financial affairs. Even low-ranking bureaucrats, well fenced off from various critics laws "defamation" or "insulting the honor and dignity." Belarus will not fire even old biblical principle: "To whom more is given — on and will need more."
Hence my (not very unique) output. Excellent today Belarusian management Belarus does not want to known vyslovya, "go for the civilized world." In Belarus — The last least some people, especially in government — more comfortable to live and manage than in Europe and the U.S. combined.

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