Postcard concert NRM — arrest and fine

The detainees were brought to the court of the Central District in handcuffs. More than 2-days they spent in the temporary detention.
March 14 evening, during the concert of "NRM" in the city center of culture, Zhukovsky and detained Tulzhankova police and people in civilian clothes.
Ms. Tulzhankova holding a greeting to the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of.
Handing out postcards with a greeting and invitation take the role of in celebration of the anniversary of the BNR March 25 in Minsk Konstantin Zhukovsky. Nearby were policemen in uniform. But his hands twisted and pushed to the floor, two in civilian clothes.
At trial, Zhukovsky denied that resisted the attackers.
"I spit in the face of one of them, because the thought that I was piled bandits" Morozov gang "- explained Konstantin Zhukovsky.
He also said that in the central region acts grouping "running lieutenant colonel Mihalycha — it does great harm to the country style and personally Alexander Lukashenko." Surname Zhukovsky lieutenant colonel did not call.
Activist pleaded to the court to summon witnesses — Young people, who came to the concert of "NRM", and police officers who were on duty there.
Domnenkov referee denied the motion and punished Constantine Zhukovsky arrest and a fine.
Maria Tulzhankova was fined. She was released from custody in the courtroom.

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