PREDATOR is useless drones armed perform most combat missions — GENERAL USAF

PREDATOR is useless drones armed perform most combat missions - GENERAL USAF
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the U.S. used for observation, searching and attacking terrorist groups are worthless to perform virtually all other tasks related to the conduct of hostilities, said senior representatives from the U.S. Air Force.

Park MQ-1 «Predator» (Predator) and MQ-9 «Ripper» (Reaper) does not go to any comparison with the airplanes that fly higher and faster, and are used to perform air defense missions in the world, said managing combat aircraft the U.S. Air Force Gen. Mike Hostedzh at the conference of the Association of Air Force.

«Predator and» Ripper » worthless in a combat environment, «- quoted Hostedzha magazine» Foring policy «.

«Now … I could not send the» Predator » or «Ripper» in the Strait of Hormuz without aircraft maintenance, the right to protect it, «- he added.

U.S. Air Force last week released information that the first year fighter F-22 fleet was intercepted by Iranian F-4, approaching the South American UAV «Predator» over this strait. In late 2012, Iranian aircraft attacked «Predator» missed and near the Strait of Hormuz.

Defense Ministry previously ordered 65 units MQ-1 and MQ-9, which are scheduled for 2013 will produce alert Worldwide Group combat air patrols by UAVs 4 each. But the Air Force skeptical about this requirement because of the low combat capability of the apparatus in question.

As noted Hostedzh, management tries to convince the Air Force with the Minister of Defence that these 65 UAVs are not the same structure of the Armed Forces, which requires a country or a country can provide for those situations where the enemy planes come into conflict with South American planes.

Hostedzh admitted that in the future UAVs will be used for monitoring purposes, but the South American military planners are «willing to build it in a combat environment, and we can not do this at the present time.»

Another bureaucrat Sun supported Hostedzha, saying that he would wish is Afghanistan, where the drones can just move in a controlled U.S. airspace, the Air Force changed the Predator » and «Ripper» more smart phones.

«My argument is that we can not afford to keep yourself and keep all this potential, and going to have to reduce some of it,» — said the head of Air Force Intelligence Lt. Gen. Bob Otto. And he would like to invest the released funds in unmanned systems with enhanced abilities to deal with perfectly protected targets.

Hostedzh also noted that by the early 2020s the Air Force’s need new reconnaissance aircraft, to keep up with rivals — China and Russia — which make and possibly export promising stealth aircraft.

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