Pressball blocked the road in Beijing Olympic

Weaning motivated by the fact that the publication publishes materials that Tipo hurt feelings athletes and undermine the business reputation of the NOC. The reason for the scandal began to research the Olympic champion in biathlon, and now journalist "Pressball" Svetlana Paramygina. In the article "Olympic cesspool" she brought the facts of embezzlement of municipal funds earmarked for training Olympians. Currently managing newspaper wrote an open letter to President Alexander Lukashenko NOC.
NAC solution two vacancies that freed when most sports newspaper circulations Belarus deprived Olympic accreditation cast "Narodnaya Gazeta" and the newspaper "Respublika".
U.Berazhkov: "We threw a harsh call"
Chief Editor of "Pressball" Vladimir Berazhkou convinced that the newspaper was a victim of personal ambitions of officials from the sport:
"The fact that we put the criticism that we criticize, it is not unreasonable. Naturally, if it is written that a billion rubles earmarked for Olympic needs, kidnapped and sent to the Russian trash, then who does? In other words, those people who did, of course, will try in every way to attack, defending herself. This is one of the tactics. And this is not unusual. But that such a rude manner could cracking for criticism, so obviously so unceremoniously — this is very huge challenge made. It’s just a real challenge, I would have said so. "
Now "Pressball" addressed an open letter to the head of NAC Alexander Lukashenko to intervene in the decision of his subordinates. According to Vladimir Berezhkova, currently revision is expected to respond. Regardless of the acquired response will look for other options to get to the Olympics.
Berezhkova ask the emperor who, in his opinion, initiated Weaning "Pressball" from the Olympic Games? Namely, at a meeting of the Executive Committee of Vice-President of the NOC Gennady Alexeenko regretted (BelTA quotes): "We can not close this paper, but to express their attitude have the right":
"Well, it’s generally one company — Grigorov Alexeenko, which dealt with a newspaper in all times and presently victimized. In other words, nothing has changed. And history repeats itself in a spiral. March 20, 2000 on the initiative of the Bureau NOC Alexeenko deprived us of accreditation in Sydney. But the executive committee was held on March 21 NOC, which Lukashenko returned all back. In other words, one day we were already in accreditation. Now, in general, all white-thread sewn. There are no prerequisites, at least I do not see why we can cancel the accreditation in Beijing. I’m totally misunderstanding how this could happen in general. "
A.Grigoriev "Why hurt the athletes before the games?"
Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov for Radio Liberty he explained it: NOC executive committee made its decision unanimously after, as requested to protect the honor and dignity of NOC appealed known personality in the sport. Sports bureaucrats decided: Publication "Pressball" does not focus on the promotion of Olympic standards.
"After the publication of the material in the newspaper" Olympic cesspool "still outraged — not so well. This was the main prerequisite, because such offensive language, etc. Oh, and later a number of materials is biased, prejudiced nature. Impossible so — before the Olympics athletes injure. We are not against the fact that it is the most massive or even what the most-most. Whatever it may be, but people should receive impartial material and do not go by any offensive things. "
Yu.Sivakov: "Solution NOC biased and incorrect"
But the ex-sports minister Yuri Sivakov a position former colleagues calls wrong and recalls that during his own reign never shared journalists to "bona fide" and "dishonest":
"If there is a spread of views on the activities or the person or some organization — which is great. This allows even more deeply understand what situation. I had not allowed myself to separate from others and their own press. And what is happening at the moment — not true. Knowing the staff of this newspaper, its editor, journalist, whom I have great respect, I believe that this is a very biased and incorrect. I had previously read about the inaccuracy of accreditation only municipal media and currently Practicing such representations. After all, if there are several points of view (and they should not be 2-3, and much more), then you can choose from their arithmetic mean and make the right decision. This is my world, and I’m staying with him. "
U.Kaminski: "The problem is: go to a tribunal or agree with the decision"

Olympic favorite in velyasportse Vladimir Kaminsky does not realize possible deny accreditation most massive sports newspaper, from which take all the information the same bureaucrats NOC and Sports Ministry:
"The mass sports newspaper disconnected from the Olympics. Brad. But this collective decision, and then have to figure out the situation in a court — either agree with him. In this case, as I understand it, the one who manages the public agency does not have the right to make another decision — not one that took the best part. This state there are moments when the president can make his decision, and so is unlikely that will change. But to experience something, of course, possible. Suppose that the president will get a reply. By the way, I know that Lukashenko to Paramygina applies perfectly. Maybe it somehow entail a review of the decision. But it says that given to other places — "Narodnaya Gazeta", "Republic." And it also does not throw fro have to. "
Facilitator. Printed publications Belarus given 10 Olympic accreditations. After weaning from the Olympics "Pressball" in the list was only one specialized newspaper — Community "Sports Panorama". Other tours are divided between "Russian Belarus", "Zvezda", "Republic", "Narodnaya Gazeta" also agency BelTA.

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