Prior to action on March 25

Commandos tried to break into the apartment number 59 on the street Sukharev, 5, where the Young slept from Grodno, who came to the capital to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BNR. While the apartment was empty. Special services explained that their Tipo caused neighbors who complained about the noise in the apartment.
15:40 After 15 hours, and at the exit of Slonim Traffic police detained the car in which there were four pro-democracy activists. They drove toward Baranovichi. As we said, some of them, Ales, Masuk
first the police did not show the detainees are no specific claims. In Rollercoaster
unknown marked the anniversary of independence of the Belarusian People’s Republic of hanging white-red-white flags.
Gorki journalist Edward Brokarau said "Freedom" that he calculated three 10-ka flags attached to the tree crowns. According to him, more flags — a student city. Journalist states that previously many national flags in Gorki not posted. 15:20 Police detained Franak Vyachorka. Vyachorka taken to the Investigative Committee for questioning in the case of shares of business on January 10. He was detained when he came out of the council BPF on the way to the dining room. Together with him was Catherine. Markov
Catherine and Frank phones are not responding.
15:00 Vitebsk member of the CCP BPF Sergei Kovalenko
arrested for 10 days. Cuddya the October district court of Vitebsk Ira Smolyakova pryzanala him guilty of holding an unsanctioned rally. Sergei Kovalenko arrested for what came with white-red flag on Lenin Street and walked through it a few meters.
14:45 Favourite unregistered organization "Free Youth" Nikita Krasnov
said that near the entrance of his home is a police funnels. Nikita vyznat policemen who detained him in the past year, the other day celebration days of freedom. Nikita believes that if he gets out of the house, its delay to isolate at the time of the street action.
14:25 Mogilev. 3 detained juvenile males. One of them, Konstantin, Lashchynski
said that police detained blame hanging white-red-white flag.
"Where’s the flag posted, the police did not they say, but make sure they have witnesses," — says Konstantin.
Youths detained on the bridge that Dimitrova street. To detain them were taken to the police department of October.
14:15 Vitebsk. Policemen in civil and traffic police detained members of the CCP BPF Yana Tavptygu and Ales. Pozniak
Activists took to the streets of Liberty in Vitebsk with white-red-white flags.

Now Tavptyga Pozniak and are in the October police department of Vitebsk.
13:45 Mogilev. Were released youth activists Alexander Anisimov Fedor. Tsynin
They stayed in the Leninsky police station about 2-hours.
The guys tried to deploy a banner "Now — 90 years of independence BNR" to the railway bridge over the street that Pervomayskaya, not far from the railway station. Stretching activists seized.
Alexander Anisimov said that police are interested, for what reason the guys were going to hang a banner.
By A.Anisimava, day Will MVD dubbed fascist prazdnichkom. 13:10
Unregistered edition "Mosty truth" vserasprostraneno now in the district center. It almost completely devoted to the history of the Belarusian People’s Republic. Masty activists such makarom decided to congratulate their own countrymen with the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic. The paper published the text of the 3rd charters and historical materials about the fate of favorites BNR Peter, Krachevsky Basil Zakharkov

and others.
12:50 Vitebsk. Branch Manager of the BPF Youth Alexander Kuztsyanova
fined 6 baselines — 210 thousand. Arbitrator Ira Smolyakova
found him guilty of bringing unauthorized action.
March 24 Kuznetsov took to the streets of Vitebsk with white-red-white flag on his shoulders. 12:30
Greetings from the Chairman BNR Ivonka Survila 12:10 Vitebsk control "BPF Youth" by Alexander Kuznetsova
judge for holding an unsanctioned rally. March 24 he, covered shoulders white-red-white flag was on Lenin Street. As witnesses to the tribunal caused arrested together with Julia A.Kuznyatsovym minors Mikhailova and sisters Victoria and Cristina. Siskin
Women released yesterday from the police, taking in their oral explanations as to why they ended up next to the guy.
Policemen uttered the girls that their behavior will disassemble the coming district administrative committee. 12:15 Member of the Organizing Committee for the establishment of the Social Democratic Party Narodnaya Hramada Nikolai Statkevich
said that he received a call from the Office of Internal Affairs of Minsk and offered him to take offense and 15th. Explained to the policeman that Statkevich should read the letter, which passed with prosecutors. M. Statkevich refused to come to the police without a subpoena. He referred to the current legislation. 11:57. Vitebsk Police detained the CCP BPF activist Sergei. Kovalenko
Kovalenko decided to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BNR, passing under the white-red-white flag on the town.
At the moment he is in the October police department. Draw up a report on him for violation of public policy. It is possible that immediately after which it will be taken from the site of the tribunal. 11:55 Public activists from Brest Misha Ilina and Andrew Sharenda
contain Kobrin police department. On this "Radio Liberty" said human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin. According to the source, the deputy chief of the police department Anatoly Kobrin Kononchuk
refuses to say the information "from other employees, I learned that Misha and Andrey Ilyin Sharenda blame was as if they were trying to escape from police harassment." 11:53 Press office of the former presidential candidate, a favorite of the unregistered movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich
distributed the text of speech to the participants of the solemn processions in honor of the 90th anniversary of the independence of BPR:
"History of the Belarusian People’s Republic gives us three fundamental lessons. First lesson — BNR use your own chance to take place, to create, although the ability to act was at least. Second lesson — this association was no unity without principles, there was unity for the sake of unity. Problem was — to declare independence. And if necessary, firm favorites going forward without those afraid to break away from Russian pillows, who were both ours and yours. Third lesson — Drama. BNR difference from her Polish or Czech peers was that failed during intrigue in its design Belarusian business — the country was in ruins, abyazlyudelaya after World War I, and was unable to make a connection with advance security forces. It was historically justified zapoznenastsyu Belarusian revival, but also gives us a science in our activities. " 11:35 Mogilev. Two youth activists — Alexandra Anisimova
and his friend, whose name is unknown — were detained when they were going to deploy a banner of congratulations to the days of Will.
Police detained the men at the railway bridge over the street that Pervomayskaya, not far from the railway station.
Find out details of the arrest have not yet succeeded. Alexander Anisimov phone does not respond. 11:25 Bobruisk. Activist "for free enterprise" Lena Medvedev
received a summons to the inter-district council Bobruisk KGB. The agenda indicated that it should appear in the KGB is now half-past five.
By Medvedeva, yesterday called her and tried to find out whether she will go on March 25 in Minsk. Soon after the call came to her district,
who persuaded him to sign a formal warning about no role in unsanctioned public actions. It has not signed the document.
11:20 Ossipovichi. At the local station transport police officers detained a public activist Igor. Simbirova
He was going to go to Minsk.
According to the activist, the police claimed to check his documents, and later gave the order to go to the police station. The department conducted a police inspection of personal belongings, public not found the sedition. In a telephone conversation Igor Simbir said "freedom" that the district Alexander Zinovenko
escorted him home. 11:15 Tribunal fined the October district of Grodno UCP member Dmitry Bondarenko three basic value (105 thousand rubles). Referee Tatiana Gergel
recognized sovereign Bondarenko guilty of profanity.

5 baselines fined favorite regional UCP Yuri.
Yury Istomin said that he and Dmitry Bondarenko committed provocation. The purpose — to prevent departure day will activists in Minsk. 11:00. Vitebsk Boris Khamaida and Lena Zalesskaya hit the railway police station for what went into the town center with a white-red-white scarves. Antonina Pivonos

Independent journalist Vadim Barshcheuski that
photographed the arrest, the police were ordered to go to the well site.
According to public security police chief Andrei Shastova railway area, Zalesskaya, Pivonos Khamaida and charged with holding an unauthorized action.
Vadim Borshevsky the police also have to take clarification. Vadim Barshcheuski said in the October police station currently take explanations and Elvira, Safiullin
who rented an action for collection of home videos. 10:55 In the morning at the house of the painter Ales Pushkin Rabovich, detective Valery Stone, First Lieutenant Andrew Birch and two others.

"They already went into the house and threatened to take me to the police department, but I told them, said:" If you are going to use force, then I will have to endure. My kids will see it and believe me, they will never forgive such an insult "- says Ales Pushkin.
Earlier Ales Pushkin promised to arrange a performance for the day Will March 25.
10:40 Mogilev. Unregistered movement activist "militia" Lords Tsurpanau posted on the balcony two flags: white-red-white and municipal official.
By Valadar Tsurpanau, to his apartment and then broke into four policemen led by Lieutenant Colonel. First, that they have created, it is removed from the balcony of both flags.
"If the flags were torn down from the balcony, sergeant to lieutenant colonel showed white-red-white flag on the wall. Lieutenant Colonel ordered and erased it. All three flags overran police and taken away with them. At parting police threatened me that they would come again when i post flags again, "- said" Freedom "Tsurpanau.
Flags hung on the balcony for about 4 hours.
10:30 Defenders of Brest Roman Kislyak and Vladimir Vyalichkin report a civilian detention of activists traveling to Minsk.
Vladimir Vyalichkin states that the first car was detained Denis Turchenyuk in Kobrin on the highway Brest-Minsk. The police said that such a vehicle is in Tipo theft and need to check the numbers of the motor and the body.
Misha Ilina and Andrew Sharenda, which were jointly with Denis Turchenyuk, police checking documents released. But after calling his own superiors made for boys chase and detained them.
By Raman Kislyak, and 9 hours in the car, police detained Brest activist Konstantin Joker. At 10.30 it still held in the Leninsky district police department of Brest.
"Police inspect the car and questioned the detainee," — said Roman Kislyak.
10:00 Grodno Regional Manager UCP Yuri Istominin the first half of a day or must deliver to the tribunal. Istomin was detained yesterday evening.
This human rights activist said Victor Sazonov.
9:45 Alexei Marochkina arrested for 5 days.
"Preventive and quite illegal detention" referred defender Valentin Stefanovic Alyakseyuzh Marochkin sentence. "The accusation of abuse neprelichnaya absolutely fake. There are eyewitnesses who beheld that Ales Marachkin detained elsewhere um under other circumstances, as evidenced by the police. At Minsk Central district court of this was perfectly understandable, but still there accepted illegal decision. It will certainly challenged by the Minsk City Court. "
Manager’s Association "The Chase" was detained on March 24 in the late evening. In his workshop made a search. Policemen confiscated posters, flags, streamers to commemorate days of Freedom on March 25.
According to police, the painter stood Tipo 24 March at 22.00 on the porch of the building of the Central district police and neprelichno bellicose.
Prior to trial, Alexei Marochkina taken to jail Akrestsin Street.

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