Protestant churches vserasprostraneny in democratic countries

Yuri Bushlyakov: "Recently pastor" Navoi life "Vyacheslav Goncharenko already handed second order prosecutor requiring secure access to the building of the temple power company representatives. Since November 2007 believers" New Life "is not allowed in their own temple officials. Sergei why believers do not agree to all still let the officials in the temple? Maybe it at least a stupneni raspruzhyla situation around your tsarvy? "
Sergei Lukanin"Yes, it could at the time raspruzhyts situation, but we want our solution fundamentally question the issue to our building. And the fact that we do not allow the authorities to our building, this is our protest against the lawlessness of the authorities with regard to our church.
Indeed, since 2005 Minsk city executive committee wishes to take away from us the building. And more than a year is not the tribunal considers the case that we filed in 2005. And all negotiations to be maintained between the Minsk city executive committee and our church, not conducted. Come to us only the authorities to punish with fines. In this situation, the faithful of our church at the meeting decided not to allow the authorities to our church, and we do not let them have more than one year. "
Bushlyakov: "Believers are ready to abandon the protest only in this case by the Minsk City Executive Committee will step forward?"
Lukanin: "Not only a step forward, but will be canceled if the illegal Mingorispolkom decree on compulsory redemption of our structure.’s Bank account of our church, they put about 17 thousand dollars, and that’s all they gave us for our building area of 1700 square meters. It just inadequate price. Generally we do not sell this building, we built it myself, and here we worship our Lord. "
Help Liberty:
Quite a long time believers "New Life" adstoyvavyuts its right to introduce as a cult built former cowshed. Believers purchased the building in 2002 and renovated for their money. Difficulties began in 2004. Defending the right to own building believers "New Life" performed in autumn 2006 hunger strike. According to the latest least some time authorities retreated from its own intentions no way for believers to use the building as a cult buildings.

Bushlyakov: "Sergei, who yurydychngy status at the moment of this building?"
Lukanin: "At the moment there is a solution Mingorispolkom which confiscates our land. Like also took our building, but the right accessories is behind the church. Been many court decisions, but they are now canceled. Sytutsyya as if suspended in the air. Since the authorities do not make a step forward or back. At the moment there duel with the Minsk city executive committee — who wins. But we believe is not in their own strength, and believe that the Lord will help us in this fight. We pray.

Will be criminal cases against these officials will come up all the sins that they have done in recent years, they will begin to fire with their own posts …

This week we announced fasting and prayer. We are convinced that God will begin to deal with our enemies. We do not know who is opposed to our church, or no knowledge of the Lord vsih.Srazu starts. Will be criminal cases against these officials will come up all the sins that they have done in recent years, they will begin to fire with their own posts, and this is not much that the Lord will do. We are convinced of this.
I agree with the views that Protestant churches vserasprostraneny in countries where there is democracy. And specifically for this reason they do not survive in Belarus. After unreal read about democracy in Belarus, unfortunately. "
Bushlyakov: "It seems to be explained to you the man who poorly versed in religious matters, what is your church" new life "?
Lukanin: "This church, which many in the world. Same church there and in Germany and in the United States and northern Europe. This Protestant church. Difference between Orthodoxy and Catholicism in the future. Protest In Latin — consists of about — for test — the word . Protestants they say that there is only a word, the Bible alone. This is what we believe. But more than any other religions traditions, more than any other books, on which they rely. Protestants tend more to God’s word, the Bible, and than to the traditions that are around religion. And so we are all the same. Same triune God, we also believe in Jesus as their own liberator, as the Orthodox and Catholics. "
Bushlyakov: "Sergei, and you come to God through the church," new life "?

"I have not said so. Thanks God I came to God. My life to God was very different. I was the director of the law firm of about 13. My company is well earned, but means it is written in the Bible, it is a great temptation. And I could not stand her, began a wild life. But God gave wisdom to my wife when she beheld it all, she did not make any scandals at home, and began to pray. Later she told me that before I came to God, prayed every day — one o’clock in the morning and an hour in the evening almost every year. And her prayer was very ordinary, "God, give me back my wife. Let my husband will be on your way. "

I fell on my colleagues, and in that moment I believed that God exists

A year later came what happened. I was in the woods and suddenly God showed me all my sins that I have done in my life. And earlier I thought that I am an ordinary man. I did what I did all around. But God showed me all the sins that I did, and it weary burden fell on my shoulders. I fell on my colleagues, and in that moment I believed that God exists. My prayer was very card: "God, save me." It was from the heart. I thought, can I have a lot of sins, can not forgive me Lord.
I said, "If the Lord, you can not forgive me, then kill me immediately on this site. I do not want to go more by your holy land and distribute sin." But God rescued me. God gave me the latest life.
And why I have come to our church? Year before I was a lawyer in this church. I hired me to drive some business. And I already know where I can get to God, and I went to where I knew I had to go. And here I am. "

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