A more satisfied with their lives, for sure, the old people who live near Minsk. For example, in a village with hilarious title pow.

Pukhlyak village Minsk district workable youth left a long time. In summer there is noisy and funny from the influx of urban and metropolitan truckers kids. In winter, the few inhabitants of the once large village gatherings going on to talk about the life-being. Baba Rennie Pukhlyak indigenous women, under 80s zhyvastsi But her speech and ruhavastsi are not.

Reporter: "Why this title, pow?"
Renya: "Surely, someone populated first, Pukhlyak. 20, 30 years ago half the village was then pow.
Reporter: "And what were known pow?"
Renya: "Forward sang beautifully. This before the war. I was still small. Longtime. Namhong. Henchmen davneshnie With songs."
Reporter: "And there was war in quiet or not?"
Renya: "Oh, there was no wind … NO, no. Here houses smoked. But the Germans went, stayed here for a vacation. Herded us with 10 people in one house. Just as cars turned — all bags, kids on hand, a cow the reins and Irises. guerrillas come At night, choose. denkov — Germans. guerrillas, their people, even worse than the Germans. As my mother said, the Germans went ahead as kids. barking at him, eyes and Margot believe. A then began as a partisan, the Germans did not already believe. reads his eyes that no guerrillas and they believed. To order people were accustomed to. "
The more raspytvayusya in our rural grandparents about the war, the more convinced genius sayings Adamovich. "War under the roof." Specifically, under the roof, in the midst of neighbors and relatives, and major drama unfolded Wartime. Without which the picture Belarus guerrilla never be complete.
Reporter: "And partisans were local or encirclement it was?"
Renya: "No. Local. Maybe encirclement were. But more of their own. Their, their. Ai, that read? My older sister … Sasha was such Dragon. Mother bartered among the Germans soldiers shoes. Go to the dance, Sasha says, "Larissa, I’ll take off these shoes." My sister Larissa out on the porch, and he goes palisadnichka. "Razuvaev." That’s all. Neighbors! Walking to school together, played together. He took off his shoes. Reads: "We do not have enough shoes."
Reporter: "And after the war met him?"
Renya: "So, here lived together. Yet not killed."
Reporter: "It remained hurt?"
Renya: "It read:" I was forced to get the shoes. "And that he will shoot the Germans? Here in these take. More themselves looked. How many wars have passed through Belarus. Belarus as will be on your feet, so the war. And trample us and trample. Who has not passed through us. Own farms are not configured, not that of the country. So marking time. "
Until nedavneshnego time nearly half puhlyakovtsav kept cattle. Now Pukhlyak cow just keeps Pani Teresa. More Nestor pensioner, who in his youth came here from Western Belarus. She worked as an accountant on the farm, had "Lada" and a great score on the book. But believes nowshnyuyu Russian life better. After can be owner himself. Teresa sells milk, cheese, butter on Starovilensky pillar. She already has a constant clientele.

Reporter: "You are a rare man.’s Hard at the moment to keep a cow?"
Teresa: "Since it is difficult to feed."
Reporter: "And it makes a profit of what?"
Teresa: "Of course. Sell ".
Reporter: "You pradaetse it in town?"
Teresa: "In the city carry the problem."
Reporter: "You people live with their own work. By Your views, as in the benchmark should look here, this scheme — "producer-buyer"?
Teresa: "I have realized. If the government was paying the usual price, it would be better to hand it all and do not run. As it did for the value for the milk? Four hundred rubles. This mockery. Store in 1200. That is it is the milk? "
Reporter: "And for how much you can buy the letters?"
Teresa: "1200".
Reporter: "And take him to Minsk — it is unreal?"
Teresa: "At the moment, no longer exists. All the same age. Bus fare rose. Wish I Do not ride in Minsk. If tysche climbs, I would with pleasure gave to the state. But what? Zadar? So much work …"
In the adjoining house to the home pair Sergei Fedorovich and Tamara, who swiftly celebrate the 60th anniversary of marriage, came to visit a friend, a woman, Anna. Age of the whole company together is 250 years old. Goes on TV programm "Panorama". Baba Anna commented telekartinku and expects to visit the head of the character of TV news.

Anna: "That they padushylisya there and choking, heads of all these in the world. What they gave us? Odds. According fifty cents earned. Strolled along three kilometers to work. What we beheld decent? Nothing beheld."
Sergei: "At the moment the power is different. What do you want? Now build capitalism, not socialism."
Anna: "You look at people, buildings are lovely. How people live. Though I would give kids in prestarely house. There, look, old men are sitting neat, prybranenkiya."
Reporter: "You want a nursing home?"
Anna: "I went to. A what to do? Sons unwilling to care. At the hell am I to them? God, my God. Went from 12 years old rye press manually. And vyzhynala 16 acres, and 18. Paabdiraesh feet barefoot, shod same inning. Not for that purchase. But all this was in vain. Workday this. Put some stick. Lived 85 years, no one bore no shoes. To go to the dance. Walking barefoot. "
Beheld you, with what emotion at each other old lovers! Newlyweds can learn.

Reporter: "57 years you live together. And for 57 years you each other not bored? What’s the secret? "
Sergei: "Look, we’re all night kiss. Pamiluemsya. Why" bored "? Contrary, we are accustomed to. Twice. Secret itself. Necessary patience. Should be respected each other . "
Tamara: "All shared half. And not bad, and the bad."
Reporter: "What amuses in this life?"
Sergei: "Pension."
Reporter: "It’s fun!"
Sergey: "So we are living on it. 6 and a half per cent, says add. And at the moment can not be heard."
Tamara: "And now Medvedev."
Reporter: "And what does Medvedev?"
Sergei: "His syagonnya elected. He’s smart. He already nasabachany. Putin him for seven years for a lead."
Reporter: "How do you perfectly razbiraetsesya in Russian politics!"
Tamara: "So rather than do?"
But whatever "nasabachanym" nor was the Russian Medvedev, however languid any life, no matter what may seem rather silly at the teleyaschika chiefs, village elders have one bright hope. For real Alexander Lukashenko she has no case. This is faster, the main goodie transmission of "Around the world". Robin Hood and Santa Claus all rolled into one. Which looked forward, but understand that there are no miracles.
Anna: "If I could come and talked.’ll See
in the tele. Somewhere will arrive to some of old. Something will talk. And nobody to us …"

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