Pure white house hopes that the U.S. will return to salting Minsk

Statement made in connection with the fact that the South American salting to Belarus Karen Stewart the requirement of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry on March 12 left Belarus.
Sean McCormack also said that the road to Washington Stewart visit Vilnius and Brussels
"She’s going to stay some time in Vilnius … I do not I can tell, as long … She also will visit Brussels on his way to Washington for consultations. And if the consultations will be completed, it returns back to Belarus. "
McCormack also said that Ms. Stewart is going to meet with the responsible bureaucrats in Brussels and Vilnius.
Salting Karen Stewart on March 12, the other day out of Minsk, expressed the hope that there will be no "a few weeks, no more." She highlighted that "the policy United States in against Belarus has not changed … Only after all political prisoners without preparatory criterion U.S. will be ready to consider further steps to improve bilateral relations. "
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