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In St. Petersburg, Belarusians will play with "Zenith", which after 2-lesions in the group takes "H" the last line. In September BATE praekzamenavali Madrid "Real" and Turin "Juventus" — in a confrontation with football giants pupils head coach Viktor Goncharenko, despite the gloomy outlook, captured one point in the match against Italy (in Madrid conceded 0:2) and kept at a noble 3 — rd place. Is there a chance to gain a foothold debutant at least a position that will allow to continue playing in the UEFA Cup? To whom in today’s Champions League put fans? With what activity bukmekery work?
Bukmekerskiya office undisputed winner of this meeting provide the owners of the field. Bid to Win "Zenith" issues

If you bet on BATE win the prize increases to 10 times

coefficient of 1.3. In other words, each can be placed on top of the buck only 30 cents. Draw ratio increases sharply — to 5-6. If you bet on BATE win the prize increases to 10 times. To increase the chances bukmekery allow odds: for example, BATE loses, but with a difference less than two goals. If we designate a specific account, you can become rich. For example, a bet on the number of fires in the proportion of 1:3 to 100:1 and 0:3 in favor of outstanding proportions BATE almost fantastic — 200:1.
In Belarus there are many gamblers who bet on a variety of events, including football matches. One of them — former member of the Supreme Council, the lawyer Paul Znavets. Recognizes that it is one method of earning — Expert opposition shut his door at BSU, where he had previously taught. How tote corresponds with an internal desire to encourage his team, if it previously attributed to outsiders?
"Where the money, patriotism, as statedcamping, to the lamps. Such a principle must be … As the game will look, the rates are in mode

….boy put 100 thousand per pass BATE and earned a million …

online. If I create, that is, as they say, "take away the body," that would be put on "Zenith". But for all this to maintain their own, so as not to be disappointed. By the way, patriotism played a good service to those who believed in the past BATE on steps. Well earned, and you can go to the Canary Islands. If "Anderlecht" played, I know the young man put 100 thousand per pass BATE and earned a million. "
Reporter: "In other words, if you do it thoroughly, intelligently, and you can earn a little?"
"Not a bit. You can earn very well — if the approach Prof. if possess information when everyone expected. There is always a chance to save these or other bids made during the game — regardless of how much money you have on your online accounts bukmekerskih offices. And if there is access to the international office, "William Hill", for example, it can be very good on this climb. Some people, as they say, Prof. fans live with this. those I know and they live perfectly. But since Most — fans, the fans usually are sponsoring these offices. Through them there zhiruyut bukmekery. "
Such side bukmekerstva usually not advertised, but of course: there is no such office in order to engage in charity. And the numerical advantage losers before shchaslivchykami — proof of that.
Once such a "sponsor" bukmekerskih offices and was one of the creators of the web site of Belarusian football on-line broadcast match.by Bogdan Orlov. But the experience, he says, was not successful because at the moment all the forecasts is limited without real intrigued:
"Once I did bet, but neither pleasure nor any profits it to me in the end to no avail. And I did not do it. Well, I try to refrain from making any specific predictions, although often in a joke forecast do the match. Usually he is optimistic, but not always come true … In my opinion, the Belarusian team always difficult to play specifically with competitors from paslyasavetskay place. Maybe as psychology and mentality in almost all the same, it is harder to outshine some this level of competition. For example, some team from Western Europe can be at the expense of character or commitment to win, and this, in my opinion, it’s easier. And here, in principle, very similar mentality and such reasons ekstragulnyavyya nivelyuyutstsa. But football is unpredictable: even if a team has a priori upper class (or believed that a top class) may be an underestimation, can be nyafart maybe refereeing. Strongly many reasons causing hard to predict. "
Albert Skorokhod, captain of the football team "Art Stars" composed of Belarusian pop artists to the commercialization of sport number 1 through various kinds of sweepstakes relates bad. Sam does not play and does not advise others — rates make millions and still shoot foam units:
"I totally do not bid.’s Not my spiritual amplyua, be so read. Empathize in itself, in the normal support, well, everything. Indeed, the most common rate — that was entertaining, good football, that would bring people to the greatest pleasure and amused fans.’s the whole bet. "
Or the same eyes are looking at a great sport and everyday kamertsyyalizavanyya fans? Maybe guest bukmekerskih offices important first technical result, but not the atmosphere of the meeting? This was Albert Skorokhod such representations:
"Survive all seem really, but here to the place of saying — keep up with 2 rabbits. And finally — you realize what can bring the excitement. Our team of artists first loves football for what it is. We charge these victories, even defeat, unprincipled, because while important — role. Now lose, win tomorrow. ball — a round, do not guess in advance. And all these bets — such a soap opera, I do not know … Someone is curious. I’m curious, even if there is no ability to get to the stadium, just sit and experience at a TV. Rooting for ours. Regarding this meeting, the "Zenith" — not a gift, it is clear, and let BATE teeth show. And will normally . "
Patriotic feelings against BATE, according to many experts, is not heated first objectivity and feelings.
International category referee Vadim Zhuk said that the meeting even more motivated for the Russian team that needs almost everything to justify the fans — the latest games Petrograd push command headquarters to harsh conclusions. But Borisov fans are grateful for what the team has made such a breakthrough for the entire Belarusian football:
"After last year’s triumph in the international arena, when the" Zenith "was the first owner of the UEFA Cup, the favorite of, then captured the Super Bowl, the team eventually unstuck. In This year they play, especially with regard to the state championship, not very successfully. They really need, like air needed this victory. But this meeting — is also an opportunity to behold, that against this background there BATE. In other words, just after game we can really judge is that BATE is in the international arena — on the basis of beliefs first force team. "

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