Putin announced Medvedev as once Yeltsin — Putin …

Reporter: "In Russia, ends presidential campaign. By Your views, whether it was democratic? "
Guy: "Judging by the fact that the show in the news all must democratic and fair. As the future president, ninety percent — is Medvedev, he anxiously and excellent attitude to elections did everything probable. And in company with President Putin today Our motherland will continue. "
Lady: "It seems that there is, and you yourself understand perfectly. Proclaimed as once Yeltsin to Putin, so at the moment Putin Medvedev. That’s all, how could it be different? We even worse, as it is clear. We have and it does not. "
Man: "In Russia? Well, as I look on TV, then proceed normally, without excesses. I think, everything there is excellent. "
Woman: "By As the last, should be so. Some changes in Russia have, albeit small. Because — at least from this viewpoint . "
Reporter: "Or was democratically preparation for these elections, do you think?"
Guy: "I do not know Russian situation. Nowhere announcements taking. I am a student living in a dorm, I have no radio, no television. From time to time on the web is something I look. Practically know nothing."
Lady: "Or democratically? So. After all, I trust President Putin and his entourage. I think they do a lot for the people and for the common people, for seniors. Because I believe that democratic. "
Man: "I’m not particularly for this look, but advance I can tell, Russia knowing that there is unlikely to have been applied methods of government. "
Lady: "I do not follow the news. If possible, it is only for ours. In soon — just work. "
Woman: "I am an apolitical person and do not look for any policy in Russia or Belarus, as it does not believe it does. A as for Rf, the disorder was in Russia, there is disorder and carousing will, in my opinion, even 500 years. "

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