R.Sitnitsa: In art, humanity must first be

Sitnitsa: "Art is obliged to have the soil. And at first, I still believe it — national values. Without their compliance, without responsibility for the fate of past generations is unlikely to materialize and continue the current generation of himself in his own followers."
Ulitenok: "A task to be understood not only compatriots, and in the wide world?"
Sitnitsa: "Not zapamyatyvaya about their own national essence, renouncing their state values, we need to talk about them completely modern language understandable to modern man."
Ulitenok: "Is it possible to call two or three examples of painters whose work blend both modern and age-old national traditions?"
Sitnitsa"Let’s say that our masters Gabriel Vashenko Leonid Shchamyalou. They are very different, but they are bound by national voedinyzhdy exact letter. Want to call also the current chairman of the Union of artists of Belarus Vladimir Savic — true state and very contemporary artist who exhibited worldwide, and Worldwide it is almost as fascinating Belarusian modern painter. "
Ulitenok: "And who do you think of the predecessors of the same reverence?"

"Besides Jazepa Drozdovich what specifically national awareness vznyalo very highest level. This is the case. If a person has built itself on the basis of public values and philosophy of the world."

"Well, the painters of the world, which, in your eyes, close Belarusians?"

"I do not know those painters who were not close to Belarusians!"
Ulitenok: "So what’s your formula artistic awareness?"
Sitnitsa: "If art asserts human on this earth. Want to see: it is possible to note: You can make the right — but not like human beings. And coupled with the fact you can be well, not quite right with respect to any rules, but — the human. Those in the 30 th "pledged" own neighbors, they did Tipo true, according to his then-beliefs, but it was totally un-human.
Because — first, humanity should be. In art and in life, and in the face of a man. "

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