R.Sitnitsa: recognize the rights of the artist from the power feed

This year marks Gregory Sitnitsa fiftieth anniversary. He participated in many national, and international zabugornyh exhibitions and events. His works are in museums in Belarus, Poland, Greece, Germany, in the personal collections of many states. He first deputy chairman of the Belarusian Union of painters. In the last 10 years trying his hand at poetry and journalism: the winner of 2-literary awards — the "Flame-2003" and "2007 Golden apostrophe." Now Ulitenok journalist Alexander says an emperor Sitnitsa about the relationship of the artist with politics.

Sitnitsa: "Painter of his own destiny just to be an active life. A active life — and he is already active in society and in politics."
Ulitenok"And do not occur among some painters collision between those, say, who comes into the community," Ride ", and craftsmen who belong to the true benevolence of course imperative to live with orders vertically?"

"You know, the huge impact I do not see — the time has passed, and all the wiser. Currently, in principle, all depends on how people kept their own conscience. When speaking about the beliefs of those, for example, people who considered to serve power, I admit their right to certain beliefs. Even if they so makarom "feed", I agree to be right so eat. For me first principle, that what they are doing, had art!
We can not criticize Velasquez for what he wrote formal portraits of rulers — though he also served almost power! But that was an excellent artist.
A ministry of the Father of Rome, say, or the Vatican — this is also Tipo ministry of power!
So makarom all determines the degree of creativity, degree talenavitastsi works. "
Ulitenok"First, the new Belarusian independence raised the question so makarom that the painter should go directly into politics — for example, through deputatstvo. Who should continue that way?"
Sitnitsa: "Under no circumstances! Painter Because if he really painter, held for years in the roundness of the hall to lose so much that later and will not recover as a creator. And all the same mission of an artist in the other — in the development of cultural values that are eternal.
When we talk about that or another civilization, we immediately recall creators. Politicians — much later.
After first style civilization and country style makes concrete art. "

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