R.Sitnitsa: The greatest event in life — love

Ulitenok: "Who is the artist Gregory Sitnitsa — the standard in art?"
Sitnitsa: "Jazep Drozdovich Gabriel Vashenko Vladimir Savich in the Belarusian art, Van Gogh — in the world."

"And who is the standard for the poet Sitnitsa?"
Sitnitsa: "Ryhor Baradulin, Boris Pasternak, Alexander Blok, Vladimir Korotkevich, Maxim Bogdanovich, Yanka Kupala" …
Ulitenok: "What connects voedinyzhdy such different figures in art, in poetry?"
Sitnitsa: "The highest aesthetics. Highest morality. Highest standard of art."
Ulitenok"And who do you see on the podium in real life?"

"For me, a public authority — it Vasil Bykov. Since this standard of conscience, morality is the standard, the standard of service to the motherland and the arts."
Ulitenok"You — the public editor of Radio Liberty this week. In this case: what your beloved newspapers or websites?"

"The magazine" verb "in his cardboard, and before that as an electric. People involved in a very positive work: they make positive, life-affirming and humanistic image of our Belarus."
Ulitenok: "As for Belarus, in this case, the value of the number one?"
Sitnitsa"Fatherland: language, history, culture, religion."
Ulitenok: "The greatest success and failures of your life?"

"I have a beautiful family, I have a beloved wife … And the huge event in a person’s life — it’s love. If God gave it — means life left. Defeat … Well, I can not remember!"

"For you are the glory of the soul: that you love to listen and sing?"
Sitnitsa: "I love folklore, and so friendly with musicians working in folk and modern dance — a group of" Palace "," Yuri "… By the way, is one of the leading modern folk festivals" pestle. "Because, of course, prefer the company folk songs, always, for example, sing "Oh, graying stallion runs …"

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