«Really important technology»

«Now the world has seen the peak of enthusiasm for these developments. And for Russian scientists in this area recognized the undisputed priority «, — said the newspaper gaze zavlaboratoriey physics cluster structures Physico-Technical Institute named after Alexander Ioffe Vul, commenting on the news of the award of the prize for obscure scientific merits Russian scientist.

Russian engineer Igor Petrov from Science City Snezhinsk Chelyabinsk region received so referred to the Ig Nobel prize for peace reincarnation explosives in diamonds.

The awards ceremony, awarded for extraordinary ideas and absurd scientific achievements, accomplished at the Harvard Institute in the town of Boston (Massachusetts).

«Ladies, if you need diamonds, meet after the ceremony. But do not forget to take your explosives «, — joked Petrov, his words quoted by ITAR-TASS.

As for the other winners of this year’s fun, you can still call the 1st born of — Ruslan Krechetnikov working currently at the California Institute. Together with Hans Meyer employee he investigated the cause of spilling coffee while walking. Long method of reasoning and scientific experiments, scientists have concluded that the culprit — uneven pitch man carrying a cup.

But Dutch scientists, for example, received a «shnobelem» for the answer to the question why the Eiffel Tower seem smaller, if you look at her, leaning to the left.

But we are still more interested in premium Igor Petrov. How legitimately evaluate this discovery as incomprehensible gaze newspaper asked to speculate another Russian scientist, special on nanomaterials, head of the Laboratory of Physics of cluster structures Physico-Technical Institute named after Alexander Ioffe Vulya.

Gaze: Alexander Yakovlevich, as you will be able to comment on the achievement of compatriot who received the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for developing a method of transformation of explosives in diamonds?

Alexander Vul: In fact, the creators of this invention has long been known. This Russian scientists Danilenko, Elin and Volkov. Development of diamond of explosives was proposed in 1963 in the far Russian Union. Then, however, it was done not for publication in the press, works were «classified.»

There are another recognizable scientist — Academician of the Academy of Russian Gennady Sakovich which last year received from Rusnano award for the development of technology of diamond production of the carbon atoms of the molecules of explosives. In other words, it is really severe invention. Even despite the fact that gave him the Ig Nobel prize.

Eyes: What invention — severe, we figured. But after your explanation appears the question: what have Igor Petrov?

AV: Works of Igor Petrov in this area is also fairly well known. And I also read them, and I can not say anything disgusting or about Petrov, nor about his work. Another thing is that he just was not the first to use this technology. And the question of why the award was handed to him specifically, for sure, should be addressed to its organizers. Maybe the fact that the award is not given in physics — for the invention, but for the fact that the winner has brought a great contribution to disposal of explosives. And this activity, of course, need and principled.

Eyes: It is reported that of ordinary explosives obtained not diamonds, but very small — nanodiamonds. What do they represent?

AV: We are talking about really very small diamonds, crystal size which is only a few nanometers. They are obtained as a result of the explosion, detonation of explosives. Because of their name rather detonation diamonds, as they are called in the world and.

Eyes: But usually people associate diamonds with precious stones, women’s jewelry? What is common to them with nanodiamonds? It turns out that these small diamonds — «not quite» diamonds?

AV (Smiling): No, this is the most true diamonds. In other words, a substance having a diamond crystal lattice of carbon. Simply, they are very small. And visually look like such a little gray powder.

And the main difference lies in the fact that the precious stones, which you said, required, may be, hundreds or several tyscham people in the world. And the area of ​​introduction of nanodiamonds for even wider.

Eyes: Then Tell the detail, for what purpose do they need?

AV: You can enumerate a long time. These are the different areas. From the usual — for the production of different abrasive and polishing materials to complex medical drugs. It also supplements car oils to reduce the coefficient of friction, they are used extensively in the semiconductor industry, etc.

Currently in the world there are a peak of enthusiasm for these developments. In St. Petersburg, even conducted several international conferences on the subject. This is really a fundamental development. And for Russian scientists in this area recognized the undisputed value. Our work is known and cited in the world.

Eyes: And explain to malosveduschih for as a result of explosive detonation appears diamond? And from what you can get? At least some of the ammunition, an old Kalashnikov assault rifle, for example? ..

A.: No, not at least some of. Kalashnikov rifle will not work … Need a mixture of TNT with RDX. This is a very scary mixture, but in this case it is for peaceful purposes. And the introduction of this technology in the broad, industrial scale can only be in large countries where a lot of old explosives. This is our homeland, China, the United States and other powers.

As for the method of producing nanodiamonds, it is based on 2-amazing ideas. First — is the introduction of the highest temperature and pressure, which appear in the explosion, and meet the conditions of diamond synthesis of carbon. A second — that these diamonds are formed of the carbon atoms of the explosive.

Gaze: Ig Nobel Prize, unlike the Nobel considered comic. But the technology for which bestowed Petrova you dubbed «serious». How you explain that?

AV: Yes, I was somewhat surprising. It’s completely real thing. Maybe not quite organizers understood the essence of the question … And, as I said, a few alters the fact that the award is not given for the discovery, not for the development of technology, and for peace.

Gaze: How harsh environment in general scientists are Ig Nobel Prize? You and your colleagues look for her award? Maybe treat nominees with disgust?

AV: Honestly, I do look for those who received the Nobel Prize. But when about the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 Andrey Geim uttered that he had previously received to the same Ig, I was curious. And the way we treat normal, without disgust. As previously collections okolonauchnom humor «Physicists joke.» Here and treat.

Eyes: In the end, admit, you have more fun or frustrating thing about science, people often harsh they say specifically in this way — «Ig» and about some really harsh developments most of our scientists and does not know?

AV: You know, I’m more worried about is not it. And the fact that some of your colleagues who are not very well versed in the subject, give unverified information … In this case I do not see nothing wrong in what you are writing about the Ig Nobel Prize. And it’s even great if it caused some enthusiasm.

Denis Nizhegorodtsev

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