Release of political prisoners adds I.Kozulinoy hopes

On February 22 was released Alexander Sdvizhkou, journalist who was punished by 3 years in prison for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The Supreme Court reviewed the sentence and reduced the punishment of journalists up to 3 months, which Alexander Sdvizhkou already served.
I recall his first bullpen KGB kept in "American" and later in the remand prison in Volodarskogo. Week held prisoner in the republican prison clinic. Here are the conclusions Sdvizhkou Alexander did after 3 months of playing cards:
"I regret istrachennyh age and health. Agree with Solzhenitsyn and Shalamov, which states that a person is better to avoid prison and camp experience. This negative experience. Slightly I hung around there, do not think I will have irreversible changes of the psyche. But if served two or three years, it is no such rule. "
Alexander Sdvizhkou braked at his sister in Minsk, and now going to visit my mother, who lives in Borisov. Mon, February 25, a journalist has plans to do a press conference.
"Whenever release still 1st political prisoner, my mother dies heart"

How to react to the release of Alexander Zdzvizhkou family of former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin? Daughter Olga policies such matter heartily taken aback: "Naturally, we are all very excited, because it suggests that the issue of political prisoners is not completely closed, as read back the week Alexander Lukashenko. Maybe he hoped that after the release of Andrei Klimov west to calm down, but it did not work ", — said Olga Kozulin.
I tried to update the information about her mother, Ira Kozulin, which, as you know, is struggling with the heaviest disease. Olga said that on the days of their father, Alexander Kozulin sent her a very warm letter. "Mom endlessly pleased," — says Olga Kozulin.
"She is very awaits him very much. Guess whenever she wakes up and whenever release more 1st political prisoner, she freezes heart. Indeed she expects will be released, followed by our dad."

A. Kim: "In the chamber 14 people with 10 beds, sleeping on the queue"

In Minsk remand is activist Andrew Kim, threatened by imprisonment for a role in an unauthorized rally in Minsk businessmen. On the days of the tribunal dismissed the complaint on illegal content Andrei Kim in the clink. On February 26, Andrew Kim day of birth — political prisoner turns 22.
As a young man kept behind bars? Activist Christina Shatsikava quotes his letter: "In the chamber 14 people with 10 beds, sleep in turns," — says Andrei Kim. News for her is that Andrew shaved his head. Why? Turns out, so prisoners struggling with lice.
"Fact, that they had lice. He wrote them that they eventually withdrew, only at the moment of lice in the chamber was not. "
Verifies this information Zdzvizhkou Alexander, who served on Volodarka more than a month. Behind bars, he also shaved his head.
"So, on Volodarka unsanitary terrible. Lice in some cells — an ordinary thing."
The duty of the detention facility to the question whether it is really so, he replied: "All health standards have matured. No mistake" — and hung up. Tags: Kozulin, political prisoners, Sdvizhkou, com

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