Repetytarstva: schoolchildren — for, against ministry

Tutor — a personal teacher
Home teachers guvernery appeared for a long time before they opened the first school and gymnasium. Even in a very intelligent and educated family where his mother spoke several languages, played the piano and taught it renders their own kids, invited tutors. From the classics we know how Famusav of "Woe from brain" invited tutors "Number Pobol at a price cheaper," repetytarstvam moonlighting student Raskolnikov. Kolas In "The newest earth" "director" — one tutor …
Later, it was considered that the Russian school gives the student all the necessary knowledge and no additional training it is not required. And only here and there in the late 60s began repetytarskiya semi-legal studies. Now any marketing newspapers are full of ads: teach, prepare for university, to pass tests. Every second school teacher or university teacher has students.
Last arithmetic teacher Mogilev Pedagogical Institute Misha Bulavatsky currently retired and earns specifically repetytarstvam. Registered as a private businessman in the field of education. Pay tax — 20 euros per month. Practicing for about 20 years:
"I started doing this after the collapse of the Russian Union. Began to appear monetary difficulties. But later, when I realized that I did not just decide their financial problems, but also help someone, intelligent man who is not in school davuchyli then I started thinking: how it mattersbe better? "
The school did not give knowledge of those that require the tests
By Misha Bulavatsky views tutor in the education system very many problems. Not always do the kids are serious about their studies. In particular, if their distrust of the teacher as a person who develops into mistrust discipline. Then the ancestors are obliged to find another teacher that the child will learn to trust and subject. But there are difficulties in teaching the subject. I ask, how long can such a student to teach a difficult subject, I Mathematics:
"If a person has normal intelligence, then I take him two years to bring to the normal level. Two years is pretty to me. We used to repeat the entire program from the school. Engaged me once a week for two academic hours. In my opinion, school mathematics must develop the human mind, but she put in the school so that does not develop quickly, and slow ".
Misha Bulavatsky believes that it is necessary to work honestly, otherwise you not to go for students. Not promise that your student will certainly go and read honest, what he agrees.
Reporter: "You take all or select students? There are also kids who are not able to arithmetic and ancestors insist … "
"If you insist ancestors, after a few sessions, litsezrev human capabilities, I’m just telling my parents that I can do with these students. What could make it to school exam 5 — 6 points, no longer can. When a person comes to graduation classes and wishes to enroll in a prestigious institution, it requires the highest score on the tests to earn, and after a few classes, I tell parents how much he can earn with hard work on his part. "
Now it is believed that without the help of a tutor a child fails to successfully pass the school exams, tests, not to mention the admission to universities. Is repetytarstva fit? Ira, the offspring of which is engaged in tutoring arithmetic and the Belarusian language is convinced:
"If you want your child enrolled in the University, certainly should be addressed to tutors. Now there are exams, tests — there are issues that the school in general are not given. My general recollection is that the school and tutors any contract concluded so ancestors turned to tutors. The school did not give those knowledges that require the tests "
Programs from schools and universities are not consistent among themselves
Ales Lozko — President of the Society of Belarusian schools and teacher immediately Pedagogical Institute. Because knows the problem of both sides
"Yes, without a tutor do unrealistic. Need some training honors even. Programmke We generally are not consistent between high school and university. Curricula of schools, special secondary schools, colleges, institutes not agreed among themselves."
Earlier ancestors asked for help from teachers specifically that university, where their child is going to enter. They say they know the requirements which knowledge needed. Some even promised to help with admission. Misha Bulavatsky confirms this:
"They assured. Fact, that there did not need an experienced tutor and needed a coach who knows what jobs will be on the exam. "
Specifically for this reason that there was no patronage, cronyism, corruption at university introduced centralized testing. Say, knowledge will be evaluated impartially. In This year in universities canceled profile exams in subjects that kids sit in school for which they write the test. What is currently preparing a student tutor? Misha listen Bulavatsky:
"Who wants to enter the specialty associated with arithmetic, preparing for tests, specifically to the tests. There are many advantages and shortcomings. I think benefits more tests. Less able to break through not knowing anything, paying anybody. This can be , it is possible for one hundred percent, but declined. I’m sure. "
And school teachers and graduates say that the test often very complex, there are questions, tasks that are not taught in school. Even in secondary special institutions rather weird applets that are not joined to the requirements of the university, says the teacher Pedagogical University Ales Lozko:
"The student of medical institute not go without any preparation in the medical university, as some items in the program of the Institute no. Not tested, for example, language. So not only language. And chemistry must also prepare and biology."
Should be open, transparent market repetytarstva
Because without repetytarstva until dispensed. But this dilemma should not turn a blind eye Government. While the authorities only threatened to introduce an even greater cash control — money Minister Nikolai Korbut said that in 2007 because of illegal repetytatrav budget did about 40 million bucks. Stroll rumors that tutors will have to pay a flat tax — 45 euros per month, this is 540 euros per year. (Now Tax — € 20 per month). This will force many personal teachers generally go into the shadows. Misha Bulavatsky states that should be open, transparent market repetytarstva:
"There are people who are perfectly prepared, is — not very good, but expensive. As in at least some industries. This is how the market. But this market is to be opened, then people would choose what they on the money: cheap, but not very good, or excellent, but expensive. It is essential municipal problem. "

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