The question of Russian missile systems S-300, which these days are coming out on the first plan for a military measure to the Syrian crisis, uniformly converted into some riddle, a puzzle, with each getting a new funny day format and vague outlines.

In 1-x, we can only guess at what stage are the delivery of these complexes to the Assad regime, and these doubts arise from the policy uncertainty that this issue holds our homeland.

Recall, May 10, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov noted that our homeland is not planning new supplies of S-300 to Syria, but talking about it, he at the same time allowed the possibility of implementation of previously concluded between countries with 2 contract. Further the statement commander of the Israeli Air Force General Eshel that the S-300 are on their way to Syria. But practically refuting statement Eshel, Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon said that the C-300 is not yet oriented in Syria, also warned: «I hope that will not be; in the unlikely event we know what to do. » Rather vague statement was made by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov, from which again it is not clear whether sent C-300 to Syria. But the Russian diplomat stressed that our homeland will not abandon missile systems supply data, and it is considered as a certain stabilizing factor that will allow temper the enthusiasm of those who thought of military intervention in Syria.

In this case, despite a number of official statements say something probably does not seem likely. Naturally, the other side of these statements, addressed to public opinion, or know the appropriate intelligence organizations, or they may be, to know the current and future position of. This once again shows us how important and significant OUTDOOR intelligence.

Another puzzle around the C-300 is connected by what model missile systems, which are discussed. Although earlier news reports complexes mentioned only as a C-300, has, subsequent models: S-300PMU-1/2, S-300PMU-2. Who knows, maybe there are other, more modernized system. In addition, not so easy to establish whether the properties are updated recognizable patterns and what they represent.

For these reasons, both America and Israel consider the C-300 as part of a greater risk for possible air operations, actively worked on this issue in these days are and focusing on measures that will help as needed to neutralize these complexes. Not so long ago, talking about the S-300, U.S. Chief of Staff General Dempsey said: «These weapons are not insurmountable,» — meaning that when necessary America has the ability that can kill them.

Maybe America really has arms or measures that can be used against the C-300, but, certainly, there are severe risks that the U.S. could face in this case. Ultimately, it is unclear the extent to which America is able to take the risk. Certain measures against such missiles have been improved in a joint American and NATO exercises of recent years, but they are burning in the criteria busy developing a day or current military sphere?

On the other hand, the statement of Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon was made allusion to the fact that Israel may also have the ability to resist allowing to C-300. Presumably they were tested several years ago during the exercise conducted with the air forces of the Greek peninsula of Crete. But the question of their effectiveness is now also remains open. Coupled with the fact in any case, of course, Israel is very concerned and alarmed likely provide Syria S-300 systems, which he regarded as a significant risk, stating very obvious about it.

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that the probable air operation data missiles pose a potential danger to the air forces of Turkey.

Apparently, the riddle of the S-300 will remain still for a long time in the spotlight.

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