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Misha Chernyavskii"On day of birth not so long ago I was in the midst of the rest, gave a book of memories Ivonka Survila. My wife took her to read. In truth, the book I was very impressed. Very Belarusian book.

The book I was very impressed. Very Belarusian book

There is such an episode when Ivonka was in Denmark in the same family, and there it is very well perceived. Later, after some time, when she met with the mistress of the house and asked her what can thank the mistress recommended her to do the same for others to do good. But apparently, the creator of such books like that even if she did not say a Dane and her, she would still be doing good for others. Through the whole book she only great people, great meeting almost all statesah, where she was.
And there’s an episode that I was very impressed, it is very symbolic. This is when her ancestors Shimantsy have acquired a piece of land near Paris, and build your own house. The whole family and kids too, and come to them other Belarusians Cleanup make bricks and put this house. And finally zbudovvayuts beautiful Belarusian house. It is so symbolic that if indeed Belarus in heart, in any place of the world, wherever they are, Belarusians build your own house Belarus. Scary symbolic place in the book. It hurt me so much! "

Svetlana Chernjavskaja "How perfectly when President — Spades"
"It’s been a few days, as presented to us this magical book, and my husband and I to this day and are discussing it under very bright, a good impression of her.

As well, when the president — the lady! Maybe we waited for such light times that we will be the president of Spades

Survila, for sure, so strong-willed person that was able to show in this book only light and kind it was. Although it is clear how much she had to endure. Look at her pictures on the illustrations for the book. Only one shot she frown, — when she was still in Columns on hands at parents. Stern view of it, too, if it is with a microphone in her hand. And so always smiling, smiling, smiling …
The only thing that I would like to — to answer her question, I didaxis with the energy of the Belarusian people, where it went, not Chernobyl destroyed it? I think a very good response to this reality, you can see the newspaper "Nasha Niva" with photos from the concert "NRM", and specifically from the hall concert. What young people! Here it is — our energy. She has not got anywhere. And I think that everything will be fine.
The most important conclusion that I made from the book as well, when the president — the lady! Maybe we waited for such light times that we will be the president of Spades. "
Presentation of the fourteenth book of the series "Library of Liberty. XXI Century "- Mon, March 17 at 18 hours in the office of BPF. Str. Varvasheni 8.
Download the book in format PDF (1,4 MB) can be here.
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