Roger Potocki

Roger Potocki is director of European and Eurasian Affairs of the State Foundation for Democracy. NED  — personal grantadavchaya nongovernmental organization finanasavanaya U.S. Congress that supports democracy in globally. G. Potocki responsible for applets Belarus, Central European and  Balkans. He graduated from Yale Institute, where he studied Russian and East European Studi, and now also appear on the "yunkt Professor, Department of History at Georgetown Institute in Washington.

"The changes that the authorities made this election on style rather than substance. Belarus for 14 years was not fair elections. And the result of this election probably will not be the last of hadrons."

"Opposition recognize favorites
  leading role of the international community. They are trying to compete with the regime in capturing the attention of the West, instead of engaging in propaganda within the country. Statements boycott by some opposition can also convert selections to only international show. "

"The opposition (the election) exposes the regime claims in matters of procedure rather than thoughts. And such makarom reinforces the "electoral plan" by the authorities. As for authorities’ position on the elections — it merely changes the approach rather than nakirnuku. "

"At Russian Times Belarus was known as the "silent republic." This mode does now all he can to make "quiet election"  pleasing to the West.   But the "sounds of silence" that come from Belarus, does not allow to recognize the elections neither free nor fair. "

(From the speech of Roger Potocki at a hearing of the Helsinki Commission of the U.S. Congress).

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