Russia beats U.S. via Afghanistan

Russia beats U.S. via Afghanistan
Scale on a diplomatic coming 1st of own fixed ideological opponents prepared our homeland. On passing in New York the next UN General Assembly session Russian Federation within the framework of the 1st meeting of going to claim (again — specifically claim) of the American delegation to report on the progress of the Afghan campaign.

On «Military Review» did not so long ago was rising topic that now nor for the 1st of the candidates in the South American presidents excess encompassing scrupulous Afghan prepyadstviya obviously not at hand. In connection with this report on the requirements of the Russian Federation, speak out so that the outcome of the preparatory stay united factions in Afghanistan, which now make up the backbone of the 68 thousand American troops could serve as tools for diplomatic, very tangible impact on the United States.

Deal with the question of why exactly now the Russian delegation at the UN General Assembly decides to put the Yankees before the harsh question of how is the «struggle against terrorism» in separately taken country? The fact that many have already forgotten exactly what the UN Security Council at the time gave the coalition forces at the beginning of the mandate of the operation to destroy the danger of terrorism and extremism emanating from Afghanistan. Under this mandate, the same Americans, on account bolshennomu could on the ground that the Central Asian countries to do whatever they want, and bring about their own innumerable victories. First time reports of «incalculable victories» arrived punctually, but more in terms of all the victorious reporting was more modest at first and then completely disappeared. Not enough, now without any ads with their own hand on the mission, which, incidentally, were squandering 10s billion dollars, the United States claims that the forces are going to withdraw in 2014. But if you intend to withdraw forces — says Our homeland — that leaves two options for the outcome of the campaign, authorized by the UN Security: or complete and unquestioning victory over global terrorism, or such a complete and unquestioning to defeat global terrorism …

Of course, that whatever the answer in this case, neither gave the South American delegation at the 67th session of the General Assembly, it would still be focused on the apparent decline in U.S. foreign rankings. This plug of Russian diplomacy, which in any case will cause «partners» sick prick.

Well, in truth, if we assume that the Americans declare that they defeated in the Afghan campaign, it can cause quite simply do not have diplomatic laughter enough delegations taking part in the UN General Assembly process. It turns out that Americans «won», and the volume of extremism around the world grow exponentially, with even better where the time to step foot fall or major global missile «democratizers.» An exemplary embodiment of extinguishing fire with gasoline …

Not enough, even if you close your eyes to what is happening in the world and say, «Well, overpowered, so defeated,» then there is a new question: why is it that the U.S. is going after the victory, and, consequently, closure act UN mandate in Afghanistan post «limited contingent». As they say, the hell he’s given up, if all terrorists «rolled up» into the Afghan rocky ground? Of course, the answer is in the format of «reserve troops at military bases to help the Afghan army and police to restore order» apparently did not impress the world society. It turns out that there is no order … Then what is it, simple noble victory …

If the South American answer is that in Afghanistan failed to achieve its goals (hardly so laconic response to expect from the U.S.), it could cause even more palpable blow to Washington. In fact, such a response means that Americans themselves admitted defeat. But, as we know, our Stars and Stripes «partners» are not used to diplomatically recognize their own, and even more, and military failures. As an illustration, an example of anti-American speeches with waves around the world, while even in those countries where the so-called defeated Arab revolution. Democracy defeated, but democratizers, somehow, undersold that went out and brought under his hand. Strannovataya kind of victory …

If from representatives of the American delegation poslyshatsya word that the mission is not completed, it will, for example, Russia and China to more aggressively raise questions about the new «demokratizatorskih aspirations» of the United States. Of course, the Americans are now well aware that to get «good» from the Russian Federation to continue burning their bombs objectionable politicians in Syria and Iran, they just fail because of this kind of resolution will be vetoed by Moscow. Ultimately, the U.S. will initiate a search for new ways to bypass such a veto, which naturally, will detract from the United Nations itself. And this is important as many people understand, and so is not in bolshennom plus.
Even if the U.S. will go the third way: utter that accountable to anyone in their activities are not going to, then it will look like an obvious diplomatic failure under pressure from Russia. We can say: hey, gentlemen, it is not going to answer? After all, you only acted in Afghanistan under the mandate issued by the UN Security Council, and means that a departure from the analysis of results — obvious to diminish the role of the sample and the receipt in its diplomatic helplessness …

It turns out that in the hands of the Russian Federation there is good political trump card: show the world who directs its activities to continue on the road to discredit the UN emphasized that support one-sided solutions — this is the way to nowhere, put an end to pressure on the country’s political system, excluding representation of world society and the people of these countries the most.

These trumps looks so significant that they raffled Our homeland properly, diplomatic blow to Washington could permanently knock his pride and unmask the global whistleblowers and altruist.

Of course, the United States put in a very difficult position. And to somehow save face South American diplomats will probably have to use the traditional version of the report, which will not be understood by anyone. After all, give a concrete answer on the results of the Afghan mission, which (results) already excellent hunted down, the South American delegation indicated reasons unlikely for yourself will allow. Here it is worth waiting for an answer, that «victory is almost in hand, but you’ll have to try a little, what is enough and limited contingent». But of course, that our homeland should go to the end and to seek from the U.S. diplomatic izmyshlizmy not flowery, but the real responsibility for the fact that now leads to the true chaos worldwide.
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