Russia has plans to bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia

A senior source in the Air Force of Russia reportedTelegrapher, that Russia has plans to bomb the Gulf monarchies — Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

"It is absolutely no secret, such plans were developed in the USSR, since they have slightly changed by replacing the landing in a friendly at the time Iraq to refuel in the air above the Caspian Sea," — said the officer.


He noted that it can perform as a member of the Su-27 fighter jets, bombers and modern Su-34 with extra fuel tanks, accompanied by the Su-27.

"Today the situation is such that even in the case if the Su-34 does not have enough fuel to get out of Iran's airspace on a refund, they will be able to sit right there", — He said —"Combat radius of the Su-27 will fly to the capitals of the monarchy and the back of the Su-34 as it is less".

On the question of when and why the developed plans, the officer replied:"Saudi Arabia is a key U.S. ally in the region, not Israel, as many have suggested, namely regime of King Abdullah, who is willing to get involved where you want to please their owners, so of course the Soviet Union was preparing plans for the destruction of this regime, because without it — Saudi Arabia will no longer be integral state and Washington will get hordes of barbarians who destroy their own base with the same American technology. "

The source also said that the entire operation to destroy the ruling circles of the monarchy from the air to no more than 24 hours.

The full interview with the officer, including why the bombers are not used for these purposes, read Thursday at Tb

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