Russian Air Force: Waiting for qualitative transition

Russian Air Force: Waiting for qualitative transition

2012 was the first year th truly mass update the Russian Air Force. War Department transferred 10’s cars of different classes, which allows forms the entire units already on the latest technology. In the coming years, this process should dramatically increase the possibility of the Air Force to accomplish combat tasks, including abroad.

Rearmament: not only the number of

Reported supplies to the troops and the latest upgraded technology already finished striking: re applies to all branches of the Armed Forces. More exciting are the new features that acquires army, air force and navy, with new combat vehicles and auxiliary equipment.

Russian Air Force first relate these configurations: shipments newest aircraft in the past year exceeded 150 aircraft and helicopters of all classes, excluding vehicles passing repairs and upgrades. Given a certain time lag, the right to develop new machines first instructors centers combat deployment, and then the front pilots, this means that in the coming year or two ready made first drill tactical aviation units, quite equipped with the latest technology.

For the Russian Air Force, this will mean some significant configurations. In 1-x, will increase the ability of the fighting on bolshennom away from bases: as due to the greater range, and due to the fact that all new combat aircraft of Russian Air Force have the opportunity to air refueling. With all this as a tanker can act not only regular Air Force tankers — IL-78, and combat aircraft, munitions containers ORM — unified mounted units filling. What this technique or practice reminds climbers when Assisting couple carrying extra oxygen tanks, gives them his comrades, whose purpose — specific conquering elite.

In-2, soaring ability destroy ground targets. Directly to the nearest time Our homeland, in fact, had only one plane of the front (tactical) aviation able to use against ground targets quite a wide range of guided weapons — this bomber Su-24. Now the possibility of such own all new Air Force combat aircraft — including the MiG-29 SMT, Su-Su-30cm and 35, also upgraded machine. First violin in the fight against ground targets will be as before playing drums machines — the Su-34, Su-24M2 upgraded and multipurpose Su-30cm, but by himself for himself growing number of aircraft that can use high-precision instrument, means a severe change in the Air Force combat capabilities in the coming years.

This growth is also supported by an increase in purchases actually precision-guided munitions, production volume in the current decade to grow repeatedly.

Followed by a significant factor is the modernization of the system of training and combat training of pilots of the Air Force. Delivery of training aircraft of the latest generation, the new ground-based equipment, together with the increased to 100 hours per year and more than average bloom, waiting allows more efficient use of latest technology in the probable hostilities. Recall that the lack of prepared pilots in combat units to the nearest time was one of the major ills of Russian Air Force.

What to expect?

Occurring configuration for themselves on their positive insufficient in order to talk about the present revival of the Russian Air Force. This requires a number of additional measures in the set which comes first — the improvement of infrastructure deployment and combat support systems. New management Defense Ministry has already announced expansion plans to modernize the former military airfields, but this is not limited. Necessary condition is the number of «spetsbortov» Air Force and naval aviation — airplanes, created for intelligence, electronic warfare, distant early warning and control, etc. These machines are normally created on the basis of commercial aircraft, are now necessary element of today’s Air Force, the absence of which does not allow even the most excellent use of modern combat aircraft.

And again about fueling

Should separately mention the specialized tanker aircraft. Make up for their lack of using the above-mentioned containers ORM can only partially. Russian Defense Ministry assumes serial construction of new flying tankers based on running a series of Ulyanovsk modernized version of the Il-76, but there is another option of a machine capable of doing these tasks.

In Russia there are several stored 10 s civilian aircraft IL-62 and IL-86, in a significant part of the resource kept flying. Remaking commercial tankers flying machines, as specified in the construction and ready-made aircraft — rather vserasprostranennaya practice, and maybe the Russian Air Force is necessary to direct attention to this reserve. Repair and modernization of ships with the installation of new engines and equipment when this issue to do at the moment, can give the Russian Air Force in the second half of the 2010s 30-40 large flying tankers that are not for them superfluous. If we confine ourselves only construction of new aircraft such a number can only be delivered by the end of the 2020s, with all this by reducing the amount of Transport and flying radars that are also built on the basis of IL-76.

Speaking of new cars in this class, see also options worth creation flying tankers for tactical and army aviation based on a light aircraft — type An-148/158 or projected functional transport aircraft MTS. These machines are much cheaper to build and operate than their more languid fellow, with all this four-flying tanker with dozens of cubic meters of fuel need not always far away. The emergence of «tactical tankers» in an amount of at least 40-50 units dramatically increases the flexibility of tactical aircraft, also will allow to think about equipping for refueling helicopters and military aviation, before that in Russia a day or never practiced.

In his detachment benchmark tankers should have any airbase Russian Air Force tactical aviation or naval aviation. As a minimum, a squadron of these machines should be available to the commander of the Air Force, each of the military districts and fleets. With all this to think on similar neuvvyazkami be «yesterday» — Suitable for possible theaters of war Russian Air Force distance, whether Central Asia, Pacific Oceania Arctic — require flights over distances exceeding the standard.

Ilya Kramnik

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