S. Lukanin prosecuted for signature

The prosecutor’s office of Minsk sent to the court ruling on the administrative responsibility verbovanii lawyer Protestant church "New Life" Sergei Lukanina for collecting signatures people under appeal to the Constitutional Court with a demand to make the configuration of the law on religion.
Sergei Lukanina prosecutors said he violated the law and took an article of the Administrative Code, whereby there is a penalty for failure to relevant procedures.
Lawyer church insists that under ordinary letter was signed by more than 50 thousand people of Belarus.
Recall: a visit to the Constitutional Court held in a campaign in defense of freedom of confession. The creators of appeals require to cancel the registration of mandatory religious communities indispensable permission to hold religious services also offer to make configuration to the law "On mass events."
Constitutional Tribunal visited politician and lawyer Paul Seviarynets church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin. Then members of the Constitutional Court said that initially perechtut and check all the signatures and only whereupon register a statement of believers.
"The bureaucracy was horrified that in such a small period were collected over 50 thousand signatures"
Sergei Lukanin said, "Freedom", the call to the prosecutor he regards as an attempt to end the public initiative to make configurations in the legislation in accordance with the Constitution and international law.
"Replaced in order to see our letter, the Constitutional Court handed it to the prosecutor. Those who signed the appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal, lured currently administratively liable. Officialdom horrified that in such a small period were collected over 50 thousand signatures. We addressed only to a small number of people our country. Signed more than half of the number of those to whom we spoke. So that signatures could be even greater. Officialdom it is also aware. Maybe such makarom authorities are trying to stop such civilian initiatives. "
Pastor of the church "New Life" Vyacheslav Goncharenko summoned to the prosecutor’s office on March 24. Believers dubbed symbolic that 50 thousand signatures pioneer campaign threatens 50 baselines fine. It turns out that for every a thousand signatures collected to pay 35,000 rubles. Protestants believe that the call to the prosecutor pastor on Easter Mon izymatelstvo looks like with all the faithful Protestants. Tags: signature, Lukanin, Goncharenko, life, new

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