S.Skrebets: While there are forces will hunger strike

Vanina Tatiana says that she chose the date of March 20 by chance. Specifically today two years reversed on October Square in Minsk put first tent participants protest falsification of results presidential elections:
"In life there are moments when do otherwise, he simply can not. According to another can lose respect for yourself. That is my case. I can not close my eyes and pretend that nothing is happening.
Sergei Skrabets very courageous and selfless man. And it all figured out. Such steps can only units. So do not support it — it would be incorrect, not like human beings. "
Skrabets I found now in the moment when he read on our web-site interview Oleg Alkaev. On the issue of health Skrabets answers:
"Well, now nothing. Yesterday was a crisis. And now partially right."
The last member of the House of Representatives states that many of his moral support:
"People call support. Was now, for example, a fascinating call. Rang lady of Bobruisk. Her son planted eight years in jail. But it seems that the legal grounds for this. And she wants me to come.
I said to her: "Please come. But at the moment I’m starving." She is very upset and says: "And who will help us when you die?". I replied: "You do not worry that much, so I think I’ll live."
Such calls are. They are related to my work in the commission "Rehabilitation". People send letters, come. "
Since May last year Sergei Skrabets public commission headed "Rehabilitation". The Commission helps those who have suffered from the authorities not for political reasons, and in upholding their rights.
Asked how long the brothers continue their hunger strike thinking, Sergei Skrabets answers:
"While there are forces will hunger strike. We still cherish hopes that Kozulin, and Kim and Parsyukevich authorities should issue."

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