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Their marketing company commissioned by the advertising firm Turner Broadcasting — light board with the heroes of favorite cartoons — has caused a real stir in Boston. Police decided that the town is preparing to attack. As a result, traffic movement was paralyzed, people evacuated. Damage town harm was above the floormillion bucks. The verdict was surprisingly Myagenkaya — Short-term remedial work in one of the local hospitals. Immediately after the celebrations nedavneshnih Peter Byardovski announced another, more striking action: "Helping my mom!"
By Byardovskaga he beheld not my mom for 11 year. 58 — year old lady as ever lived near Grodno. And, allegedly, very tormented life in Belarus. In Last year Peter was going to meet her in Bialystok. But his air travel to Poland was stopped halfway — Swiss airport. Byardovski did not know that, as an expat, it must have its proper visa. By Byardovskaga, he suffered huge financial loss, and therefore obliged to implement parts of the road, purchased on credit, with his studio equipment. When asked what will happen next with studio Byardovski answers:
"Good this question — about studyyu.Ya feel that I will have everything is fine. But my mom — bad. Over its life in Belarus — a threat. My brother and I wish to assist her to move to neighboring Poland. Because I wish to announce the fundraising and setting up a fund. It is very necessary. "
As stated by Peter Byardovski, he would be happy though how donations — money for a ticket and rental housing in most first months, donations in the form of furniture, food.
Byardovski estimated that to implement a plan to rescue his mother, he needs about 500 thousands of dollars.
First fundraising campaign specifically assigned to the 8th March — International Ladies’ day. It will take place in one of the more elegant galleries Boston.
Those who know Belarusian artist, do not hesitate in the success of his new business. As journalists write, Byardovskamu "lucky in life." Once in 16 years in the United States under the student exchange, he was still a child, was able to find a decent lawyer. By means of this man granted political asylum, his family lived in Arlington for about 9 years. Immediately graduated from high school and later Art Institute. But the most important thing — its niche in the field of digital video art. The artist’s works were exhibited at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, also in Chicago, Alaska, in the Art Museum in California. Marketing campaign for last year’s installation in Boston light panel with the heroes of favorite cartoons some magazines have recognized the most controversial artist Byardovskaga year.

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