Scientists against nuclear blackmail

Midst of scientists — Dr. Jora Lepine, Ph.D. Victor Jusko and Yegor Fedyushin. Scientists plan to confront the political decision of the authorities in the country to build a nuclear power station.
During the "round table" on the dilemmas of nuclear power sounded: NPP construction in Belarus is not "inevitable necessity" because its development is no economic, social and technical prerequisites.
Ya Fedyushin "Who recycles 440 reactors?"
One of the initiators of the movement — a nuclear physicist, Ph.D. Yegor Fedyushin. Well acquainted with the problems, because even in the Russian time came, the Coordination Council of radiation damage physics of nuclear energy under the State Committee of the USSR. The purpose of the announced movement defines as: at the moment are equally necessary to protect from Belarus and "Chernobyl hell," and from the "nuclear paradise":
"The authorities do not consider that there is a development of science as such. They still live in the past century. Calculated from the data of five years ago. And in recent years the price of fuel has increased seven times! They do not take into account."
Reporter: "At the official level argues that build nuclear power plants on Worldwide, branch develops again … "
"All this garbage because build in so called" countries that are developing ", where these technologies spihvayutstsa. Goes, so we read, nuclear blackmail, the IAEA and the nuclear powers — the U.S., Russia France to sell their products somewhere . They have built many of these substances, I am not against nuclear power plants that are already working. Suppose for themselves modify resource. Later, however, the problem arises: what to do with? 440 reactors in the world, and these countries do not know how to dispose them. Our grandchildren will have to decide — what to do with the fact that grandparents have gained. And this oh how much mud. "
Mr. Lepine: "Nuclear power — the most expensive"
Scientists have offered to make a commission to assess the need to develop nuclear energy in Belarus. Ph.D., Dr. Jora Lepine convinced of the necessity of this, since, according to him, from the mouth of nuclear unrealistic interested to find out the truth:
"I’m from the nuclear have never heard the truth. Other words, they lie so bessumlenna! Here, for example, they say: nuclear power — the most accessible. During the roundtable called another figure: cost of nuclear power — 20 cents per square meter / hour. A thermal — about 3. So where is it the most affordable? "
Reporter: "There is a perception that there lyabisty who just pushed into the third world outdated technology?"
"Of course. At the same time, how many of them had already catching on deception! But whenever they are silent and do not swallow it even try to argue. Because they know — lie. This deception so far in their came, that, for example, all trying to "destroy" the figure: say, buy at Ignalina NPP electricity at 2.5 cents per square meter / hour. The exciting thing about it was true. Why? In 1-x, Ignalinka was granted, for it did not take a dime. But the main loss — kapvydatki. On Ignalintsy in cost is only fuel and service. And this is just two cents, even a little to earn the same. And if you take everything into account, then every 5 amount will increase. And even what kind of power gives lower cost of 10 cents. Means nuclear power — the most expensive. They say in the working. "

S. Husak: "Do not become dependent on Russian!"

Scientists have concluded in Belarus actually investigated preservation experience of nuclear waste and decommissioning. According to calculations, if at the end of 1990 output station is worth 10% of the purchase price, it is now comparable to the cost of construction.
In general, not all experts believe unnecessary NPP project. Special in the energy sector economist Stanislav Husak follower of nuclear energy, but warns: under no circumstances should again be in the raw material dependence on Russia:
"Building a nuclear power plant shall be such Makar, so again we did not get the fuel for this station from Russia. Nuclear reactor should be similar to the French, Swiss, South American. But under no circumstances should the Russian. As if to establish the Russian reactor at the plant, for in this case again all the fuel will come from Russia, we are once again tightly bind themselves to the Russian factor. And independence of Belarus will not add any. "
In This year Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree "On the development of nuclear energy in the Republic of Belarus." First unit of the Belarusian nuclear power plant to be built in 2016, the second — in 2018. Total capacity is 2 thousand megavat. As sites are considered options Shklovsky and Chaussky areas of Mogilev region, also in the Oshmyany district in Grodno. Construction costs, according to various estimates, ranging from 4 to 10 billion dollars.

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