Scion S.Parsyukevicha afraid to get into the children’s home

After 10 days it will be two years since the conclusion of Alexander Kozulin. With still more than a year, former presidential candidate held in Vitebsk colony "Vitsba-3."
Tuesday or Wednesday to visit Alexander Kozulin, the colony will go a lawyer. This was said Olga Kozulin.
Here is the daughter of politician told about the purpose of visit:
"We need to prepare a statement of long-term meeting, which lies ahead. Also find out what the Pope attitude after he refused to leave Germany. And, of course, as his health."
Olga Kozulin said that in Strasbourg MEP was transferred appeal recognizable politicians and public figures of Belarus and the world about the nomination of Alexander Kozulin for the award in the field of human rights Sakharov. "There, in Strasbourg, the proclamation signed and head BNR Ivonka Survila", — said Olga Kozulin.
Sergei Parsyukevich hold in the chamber where all prisoners not enough beds. "He dozed up half the night, and later gives way to another prisoner," — said Natalia Parsiukevich spouse.
I recall against businessman from Vitebsk, who participated in a protest rally on January 10, brought a criminal case. He was accused of assaulting a police officer, allegedly fabricated while serving arrest in the bullpen in Akrestsin.
By Natalia Parsukevich, prosecution father feels even their underage offspring.
"Already dyatsenak reads: mother, anywhere and write, do not protest, do not ask. And then you will be put, and put me in an orphanage."
Yesterday referee Unukevich Metropolitan Court refused to release pending trial Sergei Parsyukevich from the detention center.
Activist Andrei Kim also held awaiting trial on "Volodarka." On March 17th, it will go to the lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. They will begin to familiarize themselves with the second criminal case wound up at Andrew.
While lawyer this case not commented, referring to the defect data. Tamara Sidorenko will defend Andrei Kim and in the first criminal case initiated after the business meeting in February. In this case, an activist accused of forcibly actions. Lawyer disagrees:
"I believe that there is no evidence he was forcibly action, applying harm someone. This is my position. Guess it is supported."
Recall the release of Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich as a prisoner of conscience recognized Alexander Kozulin require not only Belarusian human rights activists and the opposition, and the management of the EU countries and the USA. Tags: Kozulin, political prisoners, Parsukevich, com

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