Sdvizhkov: I do not want to be a citizen of the Republic of Belarus

Now former deputy head editor of "Zgoda" Alexander Sdvizhkou convicted Jan. 18 to 3 years in prison for "inciting racial, national, and religious hatred," put in the office of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the first press conference after the premature release.
Recall that the only interview immediately after his release journalist agreed to give Radio Liberty last Friday.
Case Zdzvizhkou went far beyond the borders of Belarus: it is the world’s only journalist, an unprecedentedly long term for reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Satirical originals were placed in the Danish newspaper "Jullands-Posten" in 2005. "Chain Reaction" began after, as the following year their big European publications reprinted. Then cartoons appeared in the pages of "Concorde".

Came for adrenaline and had him for three months

Alexander himself Sdvizhkou recognizes that long could still hide from persecution in Russia. But, after finishing another novel, felt a "spiritual void" and returned home — partly "on adrenaline." Chances of arrest admitted as 50×50. About the rest knows the public part. Just remember that The Supreme Court revised the verdict and sentence reduced to 3 years of intensive regime up to 3 months, which at the time Sdvizhkou hearing of the appeal on February 22 had already served.

Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Zhanna Lytvyn welcomed Alexander Zdzvizhkou
"I was released on the 70th article, which is very rarely used. Liberates from criminal liability on them minors and pregnant women. I certainly do not like a child, and yet the least like a pregnant lady. Yet according to the Article 70, I was released for "exceptional events." What an exceptional incident — leave the conscience of the Supreme Court. But I am as before in the eyes of the Belarusian Themis felon. Moreover — criminal offenders. Since 2005 against me was prosecuted for insulting President Lukashenko . Later, the case was reclassified to administrative, although all the materials that were once on me picking Partisansky District Prosecutor’s Office, in my criminal case are prevalent, accounting for the first volume. A second volume — it is quite another. "
Alexander Lukashenko Belarusian People’s Assembly referred to in the publication "Zgodze" "provocation against the country" and vowed that the newspaper would be closed (that the decision of the Supreme Court and was manufactured in March 2006). Then Lukashenko said that by publishing controversial cartoons involved his rival in the presidential election, Alexander Kozulin — on the grounds that the newspaper published Alex Hurt, one of the activists "kazulinskay" BSDP "Gromada". Given the fact that the acting editor at the publication of cartoons was Sdvizhkou, "hunting" took him specifically.
Self-censorship will not work
Does this sonorous story that Sdvizhkou continue its work to include a certain element of self-censorship?
"What about self-censorship — it is you are wrong. If I did not break in the bullpen, but now will not break even more so. Although I am fully aware that I am not safe and free only sigh when I leave the Republic of Belarus. "
Reporter: "That is going to leave?"
"Certainly. I’m going to change their citizenship because it is a political act for me. I do not want to be a citizen of the Republic of Belarus. Sickening Well for me at the moment to be a citizen this country. Specifically that the Republic of Belarus. Which is headed by all popular personality. At what specifically these courts, the prosecutor’s office and most specifically those bullpen. I just recommend to all convicted in the chamber 225 that must after their release at the same time to leave. A man who has such a statement — it’s not what people of the third grade, and people outside the categories. Even for crossing the street in the wrong place it can throw in jail and more than 5 years. Here’s the thing. And there is no such thing as a repeat offender. In our bullpen (sorry, not ours, it’s not a bullpen, this bullpen this country) — these people are sitting bullpen, not unsafe to society as a main, and those who are potentially unsafe for the country. "
February First International human rights organization «Amnesty International» recognized as a "prisoner of conscience" and called on the Belarusian authorities to immediately release him: say, reprinted from the web cartoons — "normal exercise of freedom of expression." It is significant that the judgment made against hard even leaders unite Muslims Belarus.
"As for my future activities, I will continue it. But no journalist, but a purely literary. Journalism I have the past two years actually worked. Precisely, engaged, but only wrote about iron, and not about people."
Alexander Zdzvizhkou contained in the bullpen KGB remand prison in Valadarski Street and at the end of the term — in republican prison clinic.

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