Sergei Sidorsky crossed the border

During the visit to hold talks Heads of Government "one on one" and enlarged, will also be a number of agreements.
At the exhibition opening in Riga Sergei Sidosrki said Belarus interested in a measured and long-term economic cooperation with Latvia. According Sidorsky, Latvia "firmly holding the position in the favorite foreign trade of Belarus."
The exhibition presents about 140 manufacturers from Belarus.
The head of government of Latvia Ivars Godmanis stressed that Latvia is interested in economic development and regional cooperation with its own neighbor Belarus. According Godmanisa Belarus is very principled trading partner in the midst of non-Member States of the EU:
"Further development of economic and trade cooperation between Belarus and Latvia will allow to overcome all the difficulties that appear in connection with the global financial crisis."
The last official meeting of the prime ministers of Latvia and Belarus accomplished 10 years ago.
In July 2008 Latvian Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis met with Sergei Sidorsky in the building of the Latvian Border Guard checkpoint "Urbana-strong." But this meeting, it became clear only in August.
Sovereign Godmanis told reporters that negotiations with Sergei Sidorsky consistent municipal interests of Latvia. But it is clear that within the European policy of the European Union bureaucrats could not meet with Belarusian employees above the rank of deputy minister.
Then press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Latvia’s call this meeting of the "special case". Tags: European Union, Sidorsky Godmanis, Latvia

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