Share of entrepreneurs in Minsk dispersed

At 12:00 journalists who in the square watching the events, the police were ordered to leave in 5 minutes. Views on police, the press "meant the place." Appeared in the square activists campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Coley and Ales Taustyka also chairman of the United civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko. Commandos formed a chain and drove all from the area. Anatoly Lebedko said:
"Right here does not smell. Turns out," grabbing "we started. Privatize and virtually pieces of terrain on which people can not be. Man came to me in the form of Colonel, is not he just boorish makes an order as follows:" you should quit. You’ve been warned. If not, you will be there, where he wasand not so long ago. "
Victor Coley said that entrepreneurs must cross from the economic to the political requirements:
"Out on the political platform, because it is a purely economic requirements do not bring any result. Businessmen must, like all citizens, who wish to any change in own life, unite and go single column. "
Near the Palace of the Republic and Liberty Square were about 20 buses and cars with police officers, several paddy wagons drove to the entrance of the palace. The commandos did not give back to the Favorites area. Chairman of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev said:
"Make a great security officers. Occupied the entire area. If we do not expelled, would be gathered about a half to two thousand, as many people gathered around the square, shops are expect when someone starts, feared. But due to the fact that we are, favorites, pushed, they do not know what to do hereinafter. Power showed that prepares everything that we do. "
Followers entrepreneurial movement decided to go for the Communist, 6 to pass the petition management ONT. The petition contained a requirement for the live broadcast of the story about the real situation. Victor Gorbachev said:
"Municipal funds mass disk imaging times a day lie. In all newspapers businessmen bullied, humiliated, do not give reliable disk imaging. "
But riot police blocked the road a small convoy of 40 people on a street corner Communist. After lengthy negotiations with the police miss those businessmen refused to building ONT. Victor Gorbachev said:
"Negotiations are presently conducted teammates upstairs to no avail. They will not let us. As we walked, they knew that we would go to the TV. A TV is prepared to meet us in order to arrest us here or provoke any situation. Prepyadstviya snowballing, and if bureaucrats us not sit down at the negotiating table, recently these difficulties can overwhelm the street. "
Gorbachev said that business requirements remain the same: the abolition of the decree number 760, the preparation of the law on small business, stop the harassment of activists and providing ether.
When everyone began to disperse, and ran up and began to pluck unknown accreditation cards to journalists. TV Reporter Lithuanian Ruta Ribochavskene-Laykeninkayte said:
"I was standing, and he attacked me. Know, I’ve experienced it first time. I work in Russia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, for me that first time came, so someone came up and roughly picked accreditation" .
The policemen took away the unknown cards, but did not detain him.

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