Siuchyk: March 25 — prazdnichek new hopes

Sivchikov: Our tradition of marches, demonstrations, which lasts for two decades — since that march, which organized literary-public association "Cleanup" in which had honor and I go. This march — memorable and unforgettable — a march to Kurapaty. With addition time 20 years have passed. Naturally, cancel or question the procession can not be such. But in this twenty-year tradition lacked scenario directorial inventions. Because I very much support the current initiative national dictation demonstrations. Man in 78% of the questionnaires call their native language Belarusian, it will be lovely opportunity for the public to show this love of language, pick it up, like a flag. Thereby we have the opportunity to truly strengthen the independence of our Motherland.
Correspondent: Do you personally this prazdnichek that mean?
SivchikovThis is the greatest vernal prazdnichek it, if you wish, restoration, new hope … And, with On the other hand, incentive to work.

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