Slide: a half thousand signatures against the construction of nuclear power plants

One of initiators collecting signatures Edward Brokarau calls a thousand 500 votes overcoming mental boundaries. Activist stressed that the process of election campaigns Gorki many votes in support of the candidate from the democratic forces failed to collect:
"This problem we have known. Resettled people to us from dirty areas. Here many people, who have already suffered from the Chernobyl tragedy, because, frankly, they are afraid and do not want a repeat of this. People are excited, and this problem their catches because they are so intensely subscribe "- said" Freedom "Edward Brokarau.
Sovereign Brokarau sure the authorities to pay attention people’s protests against the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus only when there nationwide antinuclear movement. Gorecki initiative was supported in adjacent Orsha and Cherikov district. And will soon join Mstislavschine.
Signatures against the construction of nuclear power plants began to gather in Gorki district in Last year in December.
One of the possible sites for the construction of nuclear power plants located in the area near the village of Gorki Kukshinovo, 15 kilometers from Gourock, 50 — from Mogilev and 30 kilometers from the Belarusian-Russian border.

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