Slonim factory grazyatstsa close

Bureaucrats promise to disband the factory down-feather products in Slonim, until the New Year when it becomes profitable
Now about this at the meeting said the workforce vice-chairman Executive Committee Anatoly Fidryk.
During this meeting the company’s director Vladimir Ivanashka, laid out the concept of recovery, suggesting a reorganization of the factory.
He also read and reduction, but promised that no one is left without a job, as one shop in their leases private enterprise and there needed seamstresses.
As for wage increases, decision increment increase under the contract in accordance with the presidential decree. However, now the workers have not heard how much they are able to receive Lately.
More categorically made to the workers vice-chairman Slonimsky’s executive committee sovereign Fidryk. He said that if the factory until the New Year will not be profitable, it can simply be disbanded.
One of the factory workers, Galina, says that many of her colleagues after meeting just confused:
"Some are thinking hard to find another job. Someone else thinks to go to a private company, and those who for 45-47 years, unwilling to change anything."
From the words of Galina, the administration promised that the first of the next month the factory workers will be able to directly find out the size of the new own earnings.
October 7, about 60 people from the garment factory factory-downy feather products quit work and went to the Slonim district executive committee with the requirement to raise wages, which now stands at 170 — 200 thousand rubles.

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