Slovak Embassy compassionate family Kazulins

The statement stressed: "Mrs. Kozulin deserves attention and respect in particular for his position and plainclothes selfless struggle with breast cancer. His example is a civilian interested in the fight against cancer diseases to which growth in Belarus has led to this tragedy of Chernobyl. "
It is also noted that Ira Kozulin — wife of Dr. Alexander Kozulin, former rector of the Belarusian Institute of municipal, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) and presidential candidate Republic of Belarus for election to the 2006.
"On the basis of the charges in an attempt to forcibly change the constitutional order of Dr. Kozulin was sentenced immediately after the elections on 5 and a half years in prison. Notable international organizations, it is recognized political prisoners "- Said in a statement the Slovak Embassy.

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